Dr. Emily Kieran, Interim Division Head

Neonatology is the subspecialty of pediatrics responsible for providing care to the sickest babies born in the Province of British Columbia. The Division of Neonatology is part of an integrated perinatal program within Maternal, Fetal and Newborn Services and provides 24 hour urgent patient care, consultation, triage, transport, follow-up of high risk neonates, teaching, outreach and research for the benefit of infants and their families throughout the province of British Columbia.

The Division of Neonatology sits at the cross roads between Children’s and Women’s Hospitals where it belongs to an integrated perinatal program. The academic Division of Neonatology and the Newborn Program at BC Women’s Hospital are very closely linked and involved in running one of the largest and busiest nurseries in Canada. It is the only referral center in British Columbia providing the full complement of subspecialties. Beyond the birth process, the complexity of the aftercare of these babies and their need for complex pediatric care drives the outcomes of the patients. Therefore activities in Neonatology profoundly impact the Department of Pediatrics, the activities in BC Women’s and Children’s Hospitals, the Provincial Transport Network, the flow of patients in labor and delivery suites and neonatal units throughout the Province.

With the rise in the rate of prematurity and survival of sicker and more complex patients, the importance of neonatology continues to grow as these babies who are at risk of death or long term disability cause a huge burden to parents and society with high ongoing costs to the health care and education systems.

UPDATED Jan 18 2024

Recognizing that the quality of clinical services and teaching are best improved through research and evaluation, the Division is committed to maintaining an academic environment that is widely recognized for its national and international leadership.

Research within the Division over the years has been mainly directed towards to reduce morbidity and mortality among the sickest of the sickest newborns; to generate knowledge and new innovations; to improve understanding and interventions for neonatal intensive care; to inform clinical decisions and policies surrounding neonatal care maintaining a sustainable, ethical, and rigorous program of research and education.

In recent years, research in the Division of Neonatology has built upon a broad range of clinical, basic science and bench-to-bedside translational research projects related to neonatal follow-up, child neurodevelopment, neonatal immunology, acute stabilization of high-risk newborns, bio-banking, pediatric surgery, genetics, bioethics, intensive care monitoring/technology development, cardiovascular physiology and nutrition.

The Division is committed to a high-quality educational environment, encompassing all aspects of health care from medicine to nursing, as well as social work, respiratory therapy, physical and occupational therapy, infant transport, dietician services, and other allied health professionals.

Teaching is directed towards all levels of trainees from the undergraduate to the postgraduate, as well as provincial outreach and continuing medical education for health care providers in Vancouver, British Columbia and beyond.

Medical education is offered to undergraduates and post-graduates. The core of the educational activity is provided to pediatric residents and subspecialty residents (fellows) in Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine.

Faculty also supervise numerous Masters and PhD students in a variety of health and basic sciences disciplines.

One of the biggest successes of the Division over the years is outreach education. This partnership between the program and Perinatal Service British Columbia (PSBC) was seen as an important strategy to cope with a very centralized system. By teaching staff in peripheral hospitals to resuscitate (NRP program) and to stabilize babies (ACoRN) the Division was involved in a very active and successful outreach program.

The Division has seen an evolution in the delivery and nature of patient care, focusing in the concept of family centered care.

While inpatient care is the vast majority of overall service delivery, patient follow-up remains an important part of the spectrum of care offered to families. Generally, it is limited to the smallest and most at-risk infants as they are discharged from the NICU.

The Division is committed to quality improvement through ongoing audit activities, benchmarking and the development of clinical practice guidelines, care pathways, and care protocols established in various ongoing program committees.

For benchmarking of clinical activities and outcomes the Division is part of the Canadian Neonatal Network and the Canadian Neonatal Follow up Network.

Dr. Emily Kieran, Clinical Assistant Professor, Interim Division Head
Dr. Pascal Lavoie, Professor, Clinician Scientist
Dr. Horacio Osiovich, Clinical Professor
Dr. Sandesh Shivananda, Associate Professor
Dr. Deepak Manhas, Clinical Associate Professor, Director of the Neonatal‐Perinatal Medicine (NPM) Fellowship Program
Dr. Michael Castaldo, Clinical Assistant Professor, Interim Senior Medical Director
Dr. Julia Panczuk, Clinical Assistant Professor
Dr. Jonathan Wong, Clinical Assistant Professor
Dr. Anil Chacko, Neonatologist, BC Women’s Hospital
Dr. Tapas Kulkarni, Neonatologist, BC Women’s Hospital
Dr. Jessie Van Dyk, Clinical Assistant Professor, Medical Director Neonatal Follow-up Clinic
Dr. Anitha Moodley, Clinical Instructor, Neonatologist, BC Women's Hospital
Dr. Julia Charlton, Clinical Associate Professor, Neonatologist, BC Women's Hospital
Dr. Souvik Mitra, Associate Professor, Neonatologist, BC Women's Hospital

Other Faculty
Ruth Grunau, PhD., Professor, Scientist
Liisa Holsti, PhD, Associate Professor
Rajavel Elango, PhD, Associate Professor
Manon Ranger, PhD, Assistant Professor

Clinical Associates
Dr. Kevin Ansah, MD FRCP
Dr. Shelagh Anson, Shelagh, MD FRCP
Dr. Cheuk (Chung) Au, MD FRCP
Dr. Farbod Bahadori, MD FRCP
Dr. Rosemary Binnie, MD FRCP
Dr. Rodney Bucke, MD FRCP
Dr. Steffany Charles, MD FRCP
Dr. Margaret Choi, MD FRCP
Dr. Keerat Dhaliwal, MD FRCP
Dr. Isaac Elias, MD FRCP
Dr. Gurpreet Grewal, Associate Physician
Dr. Carson Gill, MD FRCP
Dr. Deborah Gilmer, MD FRCP
Dr. Odion Kalaci, MD FRCP
Dr. Hannah Kraicer-Melamed, MD FRCP
Dr. Mei Mei Lam, Associate Physician
Dr. Ana Sofia (Sofie) Lopez, MD FRCP
Dr. Cheryl Mutch, MD FRCP
Dr. Polya Ninova, MD FRCP
Dr. Stephany Quinn, MD FRCP
Dr. Nicole Radziminski, MD FRCP
Dr. Michelle Sherwood, MD FRCP
Dr. Matthew Sibley, MD FRCP
Dr. Kelly Wilson, MD FRCP

Clinical Instructors
Dr. Ana (Sofie) Lopez, MD FRCP
Dr. Odion Kalaci, MD FRCP
Dr. Farbod Bahadori-Esfahani, MD

Subspecialty Residents/Clinical Fellows
Dr. Kia Anarna, Clinical Fellow
Dr. Jeremiah Calacal, Clinical Fellow
Dr. Taylor Davis, Clinical Fellow
Dr. Khushboo Kanwal, Clinical Fellow
Dr. Deborah Katurura, Clinical Fellow
Dr. Uthaya Kumaran, Clinical Fellow
Dr. Frances Morin, Clinical Fellow
Dr. Lilian Ngo, Clinical Fellow
Dr. Rosine Nyirasafari, Clinical Fellow
Dr. Michelle O’Brien, Clinical Fellow

TBA, Research Manager

Carmel Der, Business Operations Manager

Admin Assistants
Lisa Gordon for Drs. Michael Castaldo, Emily Kieran, and Clinical Associates.
Lisa-Marie Candeias for Drs. Julia Charlton, Pascal Lavoie, Souvik Mitra, and Sandesh Shivananda.
Satwinder Deol for Drs.Horacio Osiovich, Deepak Manhas, and Subspecialty Residents and Clinical Fellows.
Yashpal Bhatia for Drs. Jonathan Wong, Anil Chacko, Tapas Kulkarni, Jessie Van Dyk, Medical Students and Pediatric Residents.