Community-Based Clinical Faculty & Distributed Teaching Sites

In 2016, our pediatric residents voted the teaching faculty at Surrey Memorial Hospital the “Best Service of the Year”.

BC is widely recognized for its distributed medical school. The expansion began in 2004 in partnership with the provincial government, academic partners and the health authorities. The Department of Pediatrics is highly appreciative of the great work done by pediatricians across the province as UBC undergraduate medical studentteachers at the four campuses: the Vancouver-Fraser campus in Vancouver and the lower mainland; the Island Medical Program in Victoria, a partnership with the University of Victoria; the Northern Medical Program in Prince George based at the University of Northern British Columbia; and the Southern Medical Program at the UBC Okanagan campus in Kelowna.

We would also like to acknowledge the important role that virtually all BC paediatricians play as highly valued teachers in the UBC pediatric postgraduate medical education program. Indeed clinical rotations in community-based practice are a valuable core component of the pediatric residency program. While the details are reviewed and often revised on an annual basis, the Vancouver-based pediatric residents have mandatory rotations in Surrey (R1 and R3 years) and in Kamloops or Kelowna (R2 year). Selective rotations in the R1 year are offered in Langley, Abbotsford, Prince George and Nanaimo and in the R4 year at Royal Columbia Hospital NICU in New Westminster or the BC Women’s Hospital NICU and 8-week selective rotations in Langley, Abbotsford, Prince George, Nanaimo, Victoria and Kelowna. In addition to the above sites, elective experiences are available at Lion’s Gate Hospital (North Vancouver), Richmond General Hospital, Chilliwack, Penticton. The Victoria-based UBC pediatric residency program began in in 2015, enrolling two first year CaRMS-matched residents annually. The residents in the Victoria program may choose elective rotations in Cranbrook or Powell River.

2019 marked the beginning of a new pediatric residency program with a home-base in Prince George – the “Community impact-stream”.

The lists below include the names of pediatricians who have active UBC Clinical appointments through the Department of Pediatrics with their primary practice located in the community.

These lists were created through a joint effort between the UBC Department of Pediatrics and the BCPS Standing Committee of the BC Pediatric Society/AAP British Columbia Chapter.

Committee Members:
Dr​. Steve Noseworthy & Dr. Glen Ward (Fraser Health)
Dr. Kirsten Miller (Northern Health)
Dr. Jennifer Cutting (Interior Health)
Dr. Allison Eddy (PHSA)
Dr. Glenn Robertson (Vancouver Coastal)
Dr. Keith Menard (Island Health)

NOTE: Physician’s private practice offices can be located using the College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia website:


UPDATED: Mar 6 2023

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UBC Distributed Teaching Sites & Community-Based Clinical Faculty.


Primary Hospital/Teaching Site Physician
Fort St. John Olu Oyedeji
Terrace Zaneta Lim, Jean duPlessis, Anita Adlam **
Prince Rupert Annalize Devilliers **
Prince George Lara Rachel Malks-Jjumba, Kirsten Miller, Jessica Strong, William Abelson, Tahir Shafi Chaudhry and Simon Earl **

** Clinical teaching for UBC but not appointed to the Department of Pediatrics.

UBC ISLAND MEDICAL PROGRAM (IMP) at the University of Victoria.

Primary Hospital/Teaching Site Physician
Campbell River Hospital Mark Andrew Lund
Nanaimo Regional General Hospital Wilma G Arruda
Nanaimo Regional General Hospital Kelly Cox
Nanaimo Regional General Hospital Michelle Catherine Francis
Nanaimo Regional General Hospital Jennifer L Kouwenberg
Nanaimo Regional General Hospital Keith Menard
Nanaimo Regional General Hospital Jane Pegg
Nanaimo Regional General Hospital Mitchell Ian Zelman
Private Practice Betty Bartleman
Private Practice ​Amieleena Chhabra
Private Practice Dominique Muire Eustace
Private Practice Bani Falcon
Private Practice Paul Michael Gelpke
Private Practice Marie-Claude Gregoire
Private Practice John Morse Hales
Private Practice Alexandra Jackman
Private Practice Lauren Kitney
Private Practice Francine Ling
Private Practice Brian Lockhart
Private Practice Tanya Marciniuk
Private Practice Louisa MacKenzie
Private Practice Patrick Macleod
Private Practice Claire O’Brien
Private Practice Jeanne Odendaal
Private Practice Bhreagh Colleen Phipps
Private Practice Kyle Phipps
Private Practice James S Popkin
Private Practice Katrina Stockley
Private Practice Henry Stringer
Private Practice Katherine Wambera
Private Practice, Nanaimo Peter Edward MacDougall
Queen Alexandra Centre for Children's Health Adriana Saratina Condello
Queen Alexandra Centre for Children's Health Jonathan Down
Queen Alexandra Centre for Children's Health Claudia Zuin-Hamann
Victoria General Hospital Jennifer Balfour
Victoria General Hospital Amanda Barclay
Victoria General Hospital Allon Beck
Victoria General Hospital Raphael Beck
Victoria General Hospital Allison Amelia Everett Bingham
Victoria General Hospital Jeffrey Bishop
Victoria General Hospital Roxana Bolaria
Victoria General Hospital Karlina Breikss
Victoria General Hospital Scott Cameron
Victoria General Hospital Amanda Coleman
Victoria General Hospital Victoria Cook
Victoria General Hospital Krystal Leanne Cullen
Victoria General Hospital Adele Harrison
Victoria General Hospital Mark Jones
Victoria General Hospital Maria Kang
Victoria General Hospital Jaideep Kanungo
Victoria General Hospital Steven Norman Kent
Victoria General Hospital Lauren Ashleigh Kitney
Victoria General Hospital Ewa Lunaczek-Motyka
Victoria General Hospital Katherine A M MacCulloch
Victoria General Hospital Janice Lynn Anne Manthorne
Victoria General Hospital Sarah O’Connor
Victoria General Hospital Gustavo Pelligra
Victoria General Hospital Vanessa Jean Percy
Victoria General Hospital Thevanisha Pillay
Victoria General Hospital Spencer Rose
Victoria General Hospital Brett Michael Schrewe
Victoria General Hospital Brian Sinclair
Victoria General Hospital Richard Taylor
Victoria General Hospital Marie-Noelle Trottier-Boucher
Victoria General Hospital Suresh Tulsiani
Victoria General Hospital Sam Wong
Victoria General Hospital Aisling Young
Victoria General Hospital (locum) Gaby Yang
Victoria General Hospital & Queen Alexandra Centre for Children's Health Heather Rose Robertson
Victoria General Hospital, Mill Bay Medical Ctr & Shawnigan Village Family Practice Kristi Zinkiew
Wesley Street Clinic Jennifer Carlisle  **

** Clinical teaching for UBC but not appointed to the Department of Pediatrics.

SOUTHERN MEDICAL PROGRAM (SMP) at the University of British Columbia's Okanagan Campus in Kelowna.

Primary Hospital/Teaching Site Physician
Kelowna General Hospital Jill Boulton **
Kelowna General Hospital & Private Practice Emily Budd
Kelowna General Hospital & Private Practice Kim Joyce Burrows
Kelowna General Hospital & Private Practice Candace Creighton
Kelowna General Hospital & Private Practice Mark Duncan **
Kelowna General Hospital Eleanor Jugnauth
Kelowna General Hospital Alysha Mackenzie-Feder
Kelowna General Hospital & Private Practice Neelesh Ranchod
Kelowna General Hospital & Private Practice Katherine Doreen Runkle
Kelowna General Hospital & Private Practice Vanessa Bedard
Kelowna General Hospital & Private Practice Alison Nutter
Kelowna General Hospital & Private Practice Shannon Meredith Wires
Kelowna General Hospital Catherine Anne Wilson
Kelowna General Hospital Bonnie Wilkie, Nurse Educator
Kootenay Boundary Regional Hospital Jennifer Laura Cutting
Kootenay Boundary Regional Hospital Brenna Eldridge
Kootenay Boundary Regional Hospital Justin Penner
Kootenay Boundary Regional Hospital (locum) Kaitlin Penney
Kootenay Lake Hospital Carrie Fitzsimons
Prince Rupert Regional Hospital & Penticton Miriam Oliver
Private Practice Vincent Arockiasamy
Private Practice Allyson L Davey
Private Practice Michele Gingras
Private Practice Lia Harris
Private Practice Robyn Hutchings
Private Practice Andrew Irvine
Private Practice Paul Kahlke
Private Practice Karen Lannon
Private Practice Kathryn MacKinlay (nee Hluchy)
Private Practice Derek Rajakumar
Private Practice Jonathan Slater
Private Practice Stanley Szombathy
Private Practice Eiko Waida
Private Practice Thomas Warshawski
Private Practice, Penticton Hettie Elmine Statham
Private Practice Christine Voss
Private Practice, Williams Lake Monica McKay **
Royal Inland Hospital & Kamloops Denise L Chapple
Royal Inland Hospital & Kamloops Breanna Clive
Royal Inland Hospital & Kamloops Kyle Okano
Royal Inland Hospital & Kamloops Melissa Paquette
Royal Inland Hospital & Kamloops Trent Smith
Royal Inland Hospital & Kamloops Karenza van Leeve
Vernon General Hospital Lia C Harris
Vernon Jubliee Hospital Michael Cooke

** Clinical teaching for UBC but not appointed to the Department of Pediatrics.


Primary Hospital/Teaching Site Physician
Abbotsford Regional Hospital Warren Anquist
Abbotsford Regional Hospital Jasmine Sharon Cohen
Abbotsford Regional Hospital Andrew G D Henderson
Abbotsford Regional Hospital Deborah Hewes
Abbotsford Regional Hospital Zoltan Horvath
Abbotsford Regional Hospital Akash Sidhu **
Abbotsford Regional Hospital Akash Sinha **
BC Children’s Hospital  & Private Practice, Vancouver Liz de Klerk
BC Children’s Hospital  & Private Practice, Vancouver Megan Kilvert
BC Children’s Hospital  & Private Practice, Vancouver Michelle Lai
BC Children’s Hospital  & Private Practice, Vancouver Sofie Lopez
BC Children’s Hospital
& Vancouver General Hospital Emergency
Nicolle Holm  **
BC Children’s Hospital &  Richmond Matt Sibley
BC Children’s Hospital & Fairmont Medical Building Shawn George
BC Children’s Hospital & Fairmont Medical Building Anne Marie L Jekyll
BC Children’s Hospital & Fairmont Medical Building Peter Louie
BC Children’s Hospital & Fairmont Medical Building Min Sen Phang
BC Children’s Hospital & Langley Stephen Noseworthy
BC Children’s Hospital & Private Practice Kristin Marr
BC Children’s Hospital & Private Practice Seemi Roopani
BC Children’s Hospital & Private Practice Tatiana Sotindjo
BC Children’s Hospital & Private Practice Grace Yu
BC Children’s Hospital & Private Practice Joyce Yu
BC Children’s Hospital & Private Practice Robert Jason Everett
BC Children’s Hospital & Private Practice Samara Laskin
BC Children’s Hospital & Private Practice Alison Laswick
BC Children’s Hospital & Richmond General Hospital Erik Swartz
BC Children’s Hospital & Richmond General Hospital Joseph Copeland
BC Children’s Hospital & Sunny Hill Centre
& GF Strong
Jacqueline Purtzki
BC Children’s Hospital CTU & Private Practice Amie Dmytryshyn
BC Children’s Hospital CTU & Private Practice Gilbert Owen Alexander Lam
BC Children’s Hospital CTU & Richmond Dianna C Louie
BC Childrens Hospital, Royal Columbian Hospital
& Oakridge Medical Clinic
Svjetlana Ruzic
Chilliwack Regional Hospital Osama Ebesh
Chilliwack Regional Hospital Julian Pleydell-Pearce
Delta & Surrey, Private Practice Kamal Abdulwahab
Fairmont Medical Building William Matthew Carwana
Kensington Medical Clinic Michael Winters
Kensington Medical Clinic Gregory Baldwin
Langley Memorial Hospital Salome Abbott
Langley Memorial Hospital Sareh Zahedieh
Langley Memorial Hospital Kevin John Mitchell
Langley Memorial Hospital Kathryn Ng
Langley Memorial Hospital Colleen Poole
Langley Memorial Hospital Aven Jean Poynter
Langley Memorial Hospital Tara Tandan
Langley Memorial Hospital Glen Ward
Lions Gate Hospital David Critchley
Lions Gate Hospital Alena Ladkiova
Lions Gate Hospital Mark Robert Riley
Lions Gate Hospital Glenn Robertson
Lions Gate Hospital Suzanne Stock
Lions Gate Hospital Mara Tietzen
Lions Gate Hospital Warda Toma
Peace Arch Hospital Laura Lewington
Peace Arch Hospital Anita Claire Malik
Peace Arch Hospital & Private Practice Ruby Chan
Private Practice Mohammed Abu Aish
Private Practice John William Archer
Private Practice Karen Bamber
Private Practice Karen Bansal
Private Practice Amanda Barlow
Private Practice Nazmudin M F Bhanji
Private Practice Gabrielle Bibas
Private Practice Katherine Buckley
Private Practice Melvin I De Levie
Private Practice Ekaterina Pavlovna Erendzhinova
Private Practice Pernille Faaborg-Andersen
Private Practice Barbara Ellen Fitzgerald
Private Practice Sarah Anne Freedman
Private Practice Robynn Geier
Private Practice Tommy Gerschman
Private Practice Balbinder Gill
Private Practice Jatinder Singh Grewal  **
Private Practice Keyvan Hadad
Private Practice Jane Hailey
Private Practice Annie Lu
Private Practice Nita Jain
Private Practice Edgar Mauricio Jimenez
Private Practice Odion Kalachi
Private Practice Susan G Kalaher
Private Practice Anjali Kamra
Private Practice Yee Nga Kwee
Private Practice Joseph Ming-Chee Lam
Private Practice Sara H Leo
Private Practice Vicki Leung
Private Practice Howard Liang
Private Practice Alisa Barbara Lipson
Private Practice Michelle Sherwood
Private Practice Shir Minnes
Private Practice Erin Peebles
Private Practice Mark Sorial
Private Practice Bahar Torabi
Private Practice Ruth Wingerin
Private Practice Judith Wolfe
Private Practice Joanne Pamela Yeung
Private Practice, Burnaby Torin James Alexander Glass
Private Practice, Chilliwack Didi Harries
Private Practice, Chilliwack Nabella Waja
Private Practice, Psychologist Leora Kuttner
Private Practice, Ridge Meadows Murthy Korada
Private Practice, Richmond Mara Tietzen
Private Practice, Surrey Paramjit Bhui
Private Practice, Surrey & Vancouver Lanna Locke
Private Practice, Surrey & White Rock Samer Yousfi  **
Private Practice, White Rock Kevin Owusu-Ansah
Private Practice, White Rock Julie Milligan  **
Richmond General Hospital Vickie Chow
Richmond General Hospital Tram Thuy Nguyen
Richmond General Hospital Naomi  Paice
Royal Columbian Hospital Zenon Cieslak
Royal Columbian Hospital Vinod Kesavan
Royal Columbian Hospital Dominique Nicole Florence McGuffin
Royal Columbian Hospital Mudaffer Al-Mudaffer
Royal Columbian Hospital Michael Fazio
Royal Columbian Hospital Ewa Gizicki
Royal Columbian Hospital Mariana Manolova Deevska
Royal Columbian Hospital Colleen Nugent
Royal Columbian Hospital Miroslav Stavel
Scott Road Pediatrics & Surrey Memorial Hospital Stephany Marie Quinn
Seymour Healthcare Cheryl L Mutch
St. Pauls Hospital Antoinette Van Den Brekel
Surrey Memorial Hospital Varinder Kaur Bal
Surrey Memorial Hospital Jacquie Clayton
Surrey Memorial Hospital Jenny Chou
Surrey Memorial Hospital Keira Dheensaw
Surrey Memorial Hospital Denton Hugo Hirsh
Surrey Memorial Hospital Badrinath Narayan
Surrey Memorial Hospital Derek Prevost
Surrey Memorial Hospital Hemendra Bailnath Ramdhani
Surrey Memorial Hospital Kuppuchipalayam Ramesh
Surrey Memorial Hospital Rebecca Lyn Sherlock
Surrey Memorial Hospital Sunira Singh
Surrey Memorial Hospital Todd Sorokan
Surrey Memorial Hospital Cherrie Rose Tan-Dy
Surrey Memorial Hospital Clementine Tang
Surrey Memorial Hospital Vugranam Venkatesh
Surrey Memorial Hospital Robert W White
Surrey Memorial Hospital & Private Practice, Langley Xiaoyan (Joanna) Jia

** Clinical teaching for UBC but not appointed to the Department of Pediatrics.