Facts & Figures

UPDATED Feb 14 2024

We have:

    • 20 subspecialty divisions and one Pediatrics Hospital Medicine division;
    • 592 faculty members comprised of hospital-based and community based pediatric specialists, and sub-specialists throughout the province. And, 50 academic faculty appointments.
    • 16 fully accredited Royal College specialty and sub-specialty programs;

General Information:

B.C. Children’s Hospital offers a broad range of inpatient, outpatient and tertiary care for children from birth to adolescence. This includes clinics, emergency services, pediatric health care, surgery, intensive care, transplants, genetics, and an HIV centre. The site sees 7000 surgical visits a year. Emergency department staff care for 49,000 patients (visits) a year. Pediatric ICU sees 900 admissions a year.

BC Children’s Hospital is an academic teaching patient and family-centred health sciences centre focused on the best health outcomes for children and youth. Learn more about our recent accomplishments

In addition to providing specialized pediatric services — many of which are not available elsewhere in the province – BC Children’s is the province’s leading teaching and research facility for child health.

B.C. Children’s Hospital is affiliated with the UBC Faculty of Medicine and serves as a teaching hospital for infant and pediatric care. B.C. Children’s Hospital and B.C. Women’s Hospital & Health Centre are also the home of the BC Children’s Hospital Research Institute.