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Pediatrics Celebrate Research Day  is a protected departmental Education Day held in March during the annual UBC Celebrate Research Week. Pediatric Research Day is a part of the Pediatric Research Curriculum, is chaired by the Associate Head, Research and coordinated by the Scholarly Activities Coordinator.

Celebrate Research Participants

Recent Celebrate Research Participants

The purpose of Celebrate Pediatric Research Day is to highlight trainees’ research and offer an oral platform for presenting their work in a formal setting before peers, faculty, researchers and educators.

  • A process is in place for  abstract submission, review and approval by the Research Committee
  • Abstract submission is open to all residents, sub-specialty residents and fellows
  • Expectation is for residents to present at least once during  residency
  • Oral presentations are strictly timed with opportunity for questions
      • Faculty guest speakers are invited for the program
      • Faculty are invited to be 1 of 3 judges for the Best Research Paper Competition

Date/ Time/and Location of Research Day:

  • Begins at 8:30 AM with Pediatric Grand Rounds and closes at 4:00 pm
  • Held in March on the Friday during UBC Celebrate Research Week, at the Chan Centre for Family Health, BCCH site


  • Attendance is mandatory for Residents, Sub-specialty Residents and Fellows, is recorded and documented
  • Divisions are requested to excuse trainees from duties this day as is possible

Celebrate Pediatric Research Day Schedule:

  • Pediatric Grand Rounds from 8:30-9:30 am
  • Presentations in the Morning Session include:
      • Presentation by an invited Guest Speaker
      • Presentation by an Invited Faculty Speaker describing research in their division
      • Presentations by trainees for completed research projects or research in progress

Presentations in the afternoon session include:

The Best Resident & Best Fellow Research Paper Competition 

      • Some trainee abstracts are accepted  into the research competition
      • Competition is formal with strict timing for papers presented
      • 3 faculty judges rank trainees in 2 categories and confer for winners
      • Best Resident and Best Fellow Winners are announced
      • Winners move forward to the National Pediatric Resident & Fellow Research Competition in Winnipeg in May

Pediatric Research Day Best Research Competition

  • Abstracts accepted into the competition are presented and judged;
  • Competition is formal with strict timing for papers and questions;
  • Three faculty judges rank trainees in two categories and confer for winners;
  • Best Resident & Best Fellow Papers are announced at close of day;
  • Winners represent the Department at the National Pediatric Resident & Fellow Research Competition in Winnipeg in May;
  • Winners receive the Department of Pediatrics Resident and Fellow Research Award for the year at the Annual Graduation & Awards Banquet in June.

National Pediatric Research Competition

  • The Resident and Fellow winners of the Research Day Best Paper Competition move forward to represent the Department at the National Pediatric Resident and Fellow Research Competition held in Winnipeg in May;
  • Winners are provided protected time to present at this competition;
  • Trainees’ travel costs, registration and accommodation are shared by the Department of Pediatrics and the Manitoba Institute of Child Health as outlined in the National Competition Guidelines

Residents' Research Grant Funding Competition

The Department supports an annual research grant competition for residents. A total of $3000 is available for this competition. Applicants may apply for all or a portion of the total amount. A formal process for the submission of the grant application forms is followed.  Applications are reviewed and ranked by the Research Committee and appropriate funding requests are approved. Winners of the funding competition are announced at Celebrate Pediatric Research Day.

The purpose of the Residents’ Research Grant is to provide some operating funding support to assist residents with facilitating their research projects.

Application Process:

  • Announcement of the funding competition is sent out to residents November 1st  with  application form and guidelines for allowable operating expenses
  • Applications must contain a description of the research project
  • Applications must be signed by the resident’s research faculty supervisor
  • Applications must include projected timeline for research project and funds utilization
  • Applications must contain an itemized summary of the estimated budget
  • Applications are sent to the Scholarly Activities Coordinator by the deadline date
  • Applications are forwarded to the Research Director who distributes the applications to members of the Research Committee for review
  • Applications are ranked on the quality of the research project and feasibility
  • A consensus is reached for successful applicants and appropriate allocation of funding

Acquisition of the Funding and Follow up:

  • Residents are notified as to the results of their application by the first week of January
  • The successful applicants are notified as to how their funding is to be accessed
  • Funding recipients must submit a status report as to the status of the spending of funds one year following receipt of the grant