Digital Health is poised to transform health care

The Amed Lab has been busy!

Did you know that Digital Health is poised to transform health care and is most impactful when co-created with patients, families and healthcare providers?

Check out these new publications from Dr. Shazhan Amed’s Lab on technology-based peer support for kids living with diabetes and human-centered design approaches to developing digital health apps.

Designing a Collaborative Patient-Centered Digital Health Platform for Pediatric Diabetes Care in British Columbia: Formative Needs Assessment by Caregivers of Children and Youths Living With Type 1 Diabetes and Health Care Providers

Using Human-Centered Design and Cocreation to Create the Live 5-2-1-0 Mobile App to Promote Healthy Behaviors in Children: App Design and Development

Systematic review of technology-mediated peer support interventions in paediatric type 1 diabetes care

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