Congratulations to Dr. Quynh Doan and Dr. Stuart Turvey!

Dr. Quynh Doan has been appointed to the position of Director, Clinical Research starting Monday, October 26, 2020. Quynh is a pediatric emergency physician at BC Children’s Hospital with expertise in evaluating care at the pediatric emergency department, an investigator with the Evidence to Innovation Theme, and associate professor with UBC’s Department of Pediatrics. She has also helped transform emergency care through the development of new tools and processes, such as HEARTSMAP, to ensure that young people receive the mental health care they need.

In her new role, Quynh will advance the work of the previous Clinical Research Director, Dr. Soren Gantt, to improve the quality of clinical research and expand the specialized support services offered by the Clinical Research Support Unit. She will foster a culture of clinical research innovation, kick off a strategic planning process for clinical research and support the development of networking opportunities at the local, national and international levels.

Dr. Stuart Turvey is stepping into the lead role for our Precision Health initiative.

Precision Health is a particular area of strength for BC Children’s and an area of tremendous promise for our patients and their families. Our research institute is home to world-class expertise and innovative programs aimed at transforming outcomes for children through care tailored to their individual biological, environmental and lifestyle factors.

In this new role, Stuart will further the development of this important strategic initiative. He will work closely with Russell Bonaguro, Project Manager, and the Precision Health Advisory Committee to lead the development of a robust and cohesive support system aimed at fostering the development and testing of innovative therapies and improving access to precision health care.

Stuart is an Investigator and Pediatric Immunologist at BC Children’s and the Aubrey J. Tingle Professor of Pediatric Immunology at UBC. He holds the Tier 1 Canada Research Chair in Pediatric Precision Health. From 2012-2018, Dr. Turvey served as the Director of Clinical Research at BC Children’s. In this role, he implemented initiatives to build capacity for clinical research across the site, developed specialized research support in the areas of health informatics and data management, and strengthened the Research Institute’s relationship with hospital leadership. Stuart’s experiences as a clinician drive his research; he’s led scientific discoveries that directly impact and improve care for his patients and children around the world.

One of Stuart’s initial tasks will be to recruit a new staff scientist to support this important initiative.

Cross-post from Research Communications, BC Children’s Hospital, Provincial Health Services Authority by Dr. Wyeth Wasserman, Vice-President Research, BC Children’s Hospital.