Three projects funded under Special COVID-19 Strategic Investment Fund (SIF)

COVID-19 has disrupted nearly every aspect of our lives. We greatly appreciate the enormous efforts that the Faculty of Medicine community continues to make in response, whether in clinical settings, laboratories, virtual learning environments, or home offices.

Three out of 15 funded projects were from the Department of Pediatrics!

The purpose of this Special COVID-19 SIF Round is to make funding available for strategic projects related to COVID-19 and the ways in which the Faculty of Medicine’s education, research, organization, and partnerships have changed, are changing, or could change in response.

Organization-related projects

Deepening Our Collective Roots through Intentional WellBEing

Lead: Michelle Man, Communications Coordinator, Department of Pediatrics
Summary: Mitigate the psychological, social, and health impacts of COVID-19 through transformative programming that cultivates wellness and leadership.
Strategic Plan Objective(s): Primary: O5


Education-related projects

Virtual Health Pediatric Residency Engagement Initiative

Lead: James Lee, Clinical Associate Professor, Department of Pediatrics
Summary: Advance inclusion of pediatric residents at BC Children’s Hospital and affiliated sites in virtual health by providing clinical exposure that is lacking due to COVID-19 restrictions, while also building proficiency in virtual health that will benefit future practice.

Strategic Plan Objective(s): Primary: E3, E2 / Secondary: P1


Partnership-related projects

Pediatric Sepsis Data CoLaboratory

Lead: Niranjan Kissoon, Professor, Department of Pediatrics; VP Medical Affairs, BC Children’s Hospital
Summary: Create a network of health care workers, policy makers, researchers, and advocacy partners focused on addressing pediatric sepsis mortality and morbidity globally, and a platform for high-quality data collection and sharing. The intended result is better modelling and analytics, quality improvement in clinical care, and the ability to share best practices for advocacy globally.

Strategic Plan Objective(s): Primary: P5, R4