Department of Pediatrics Faculty Awards November 2013 – June 2014

We are pleased to announce the Department of Pediatrics Faculty Awards for the period November 1, 2013 – June 30, 2014.

Dr. Ronald Barr

Dr. Ronald Barr

Dr. Ronald Barr, The Pediatric Chairs of Canada 2014 Paediatric Academic Leadership Clinician Investigator Award

The PCC Paediatric Academic Leadership Clinician Investigator Award is granted to a clinical investigator who has demonstrated outstanding leadership in the development of environments that foster opportunity for child and youth health research.

Dr. Ronald Barr is a Professor, Department of Pediatrics and a graduate of McGill University Medical School.  He is Head of Developmental Neurosciences & Child Health at the Child & Family Research Institute.

Over the last 30 years, a primary focus of his research has been on understanding the significant interactions between caregivers and infants, on both behavioural and biological levels, that contribute to infants benefiting from the challenges of early development.  Research areas include developmental/behavioural pediatrics; infant pain; infant crying and colic; inflicted abuse prevention; shaken baby syndrome; nutrient effects on behavior; and infant memory. Current research projects include the effect of feeding, nutrients and mother’s voice on infant memory;  affective responses to prolonged crying bouts in infants; a PDA (Palm Pilot) version of the “Baby’s Day Diary”; and “The Period of PURPLE Crying” intervention program to prevent shaken baby syndrome.

Dr. Nazmudin Bhanji, Community Pediatrician of the Year, granted by the Department of Pediatrics

Dr. N. Bhanji

Dr. Nazmudin Bhanji

This Community Pediatrician of the Year award is granted by the Department of Pediatrics and is awarded to a pediatrician who works in the community setting and has demonstrated excellence in teaching and mentorship.

Dr. Bhanji a Clinical Associate Professor with the Department of Pediatrics and is a graduate of the Pahlvi University in Shiraz, Iran. He subsequently completed post graduate training in Pediatrics at BC Children’s Hospital/University of British Columbia, Department of Pediatrics and he is currently a general pediatrician with postgraduate designation from the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeon of Canada.

Dr. Bhanji is a Past President of BC Pediatric Society and received the the 2011 UBC Faculty of Medicine Clinical Faculty Award for Career Excellence in Clinical Teaching. He has extensive experience in volunteering abroad and locally.

 Dr. Edmond Chan, Ivory Tower Award, granted by the Department of Pediatrics

Dr. Edmond Chan

Dr. Edmond Chan

The Ivory Tower Award is awarded by the Pediatric Residents, Department of Pediatrics in recognition for contributions to promoting resident research and academic medicine.

Dr. Edmond Chan is Clinical Associate Professor and Head, Division of Allergy and Immunology. His interests include the primary prevention of food allergy, relationship between food allergy and other atopic conditions, plus diagnosis and management of food allergy.  He is a Clinical Investigator at the Child and Family Research Institute.  His research has been focused on food allergy and eosinophilic esophagitis.  He created the UBC Pediatric Clinical Immunology and Allergy Fellowship training program, and served as its first program director.  Many trainees, primarily pediatric residents and allergy/immunology fellows, have completed research projects in various clinical aspects of food allergy with Dr. Chan.  He has also collaborated with colleagues at McGill University and the University of Calgary on food allergy registries, and the group has recently been successful in applying for CIHR funding for clinical food allergy clinical tolerance studies.  Dr. Chan has helped to develop an eosinophilic esophagitis registry here at BC Children’s Hospital.  He is primary author of the recent Canadian Paediatric Society Position Statement on allergy prevention and dietary exposures.

Dr. Jeffrey Davis, 2013 Bruce W. Jackson Memorial Award for the Reserve Flight Surgeon of the Year


Dr. Jeffrey Davis

The 2013 Bruce W. Jackson Memorial Award for the Reserve Flight Surgeon of the Year, is granted through The Society of United States Naval Flight Surgeons  for outstanding performance in operational aviation medicine. The award was recently presented to Dr. Davis at the 85th Annual Meeting of the Aerospace Medicine Association (ASMA) in San Diego during the US Navy luncheon.  CAPT Davis is an Associate Fellow of ASMA and the squadron flight surgeon for the VP-69 Fighting Totems, based at Naval Air Station Whidbey Island, Washington.

Dr. Davis is a Clinical Investigator with the Child & Family Research Institute (CFRI) and Clinical Associate Professor and Director of the Pediatric Blood & Marrow Transplant Program within the Division of Hematology/Oncology/BMT, Department of Pediatrics, UBC.

As site Principle Investigator for the Center for International Bone Marrow Transplant Research (CIBMTR) and the Primary Immune Deficiency Treatment Consortium (PIDTC), his interests are focused on co-operative, multi-institution studies aimed at tackling the varied challenges presented by conditions treated by hematopoietic stem cell transplantation.

His background in engineering and current experience as a U.S. Naval Flight Surgeon underlines his interest in human factor analysis and risk management within the practice of medicine. In an effort to reduce risk in health management to its lowest possible level, the naval aviation community’s use of the “best practice” process to effectively identify, analyze and eliminate or help control a hazard can be successfully applied to daily endeavors in medicine, providing insight and options to medical practices.

Dr. Michelle Demos, Partners in Care; The Family Advisory to BC Children’s Hospital

Dr. Michelle Demos

Dr. Michelle Demos

This award is in recognition of those health care professionals who weave the principles of family centred care through their daily work.

Dr. Demos is Clinical Assistant Professor with the Division of Neurology and her research is in the area of Epilepsy which is one of the most common serious neurological disorders occurring in childhood. Genetic factors have been shown to play an important role in many epilepsy disorders. Her research involves the collaboration of other clinicians and researchers from Neurology and Medical Genetics at BC Children’s Hospital. The main focus involves studying the different genetic causes of pediatric epilepsy including familial forms of epilepsy and genomic imbalances associated with epilepsy. This research aims to improve diagnosis and treatment of children with genetic forms of epilepsy.

Another focus includes identifying clinical features and genetic causes of rare pediatric neurogenetic disorders.


Dr. Tammie Dewan, Golden Rattle Award, granted by the Department of Pediatrics

Dr. Tammie Dewan

Dr. Tammie Dewan

The Golden Rattle award is awarded to a UBC Faculty member who has contributed the most to resident well-being and to the life experience of residents; both by example and ongoing support of the resident body.

Dr. Tammie Dewan received her medical degree from Dalhousie University in 2006. Following medical school, she completed her Pediatrics Residency at UBC’s Department of Pediatrics in 2010. Dr. Dewan is currently a Clinical Assistant Professor with the Division of General Pediatrics.  She is actively involved in the Clinical Teaching Unit and has also co-authored a Patient Safety Curriculum for Pediatric Residents at BC Children’s Hospital.

Her key interests are in the areas of chronic disease management, quality improvement and program development.

Dr. David Dix, Specialty Committee Chair Exceptional Service Award, granted by the Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons of Canada


Dr. David Dix

This award recognizes excellence in committee engagement and review/maintenance of the Royal College Specialty suite of documents.

Dr David Dix is a Clinical Associate Professor and has been a faculty member in the Division of Pediatric Hematology/Oncology (PHO) at BCCH since October 2001. Education has been a primary focus of his academic career. His involvement has spanned undergraduate and post-graduate training, and his contributions have been on departmental, provincial and national levels.  At BCCH, Dr. Dix has been the Fellowship Training Program Director for PHO since October 2001, and he has also participated in resident educational activities in a variety of capacities. On a national level, he has been a member of the Royal College Specialty Committee in PHO since 2004, serving as a member of the Royal College Examination Committee from 2004 to 2009, vice-chair of the Royal College Specialty Committee in PHO from 2006 to 2010, and chair of the Specialty Committee since 2010.

Dr Dix’s research efforts include conducting and participating in clinical trials and quality of life (QoL) studies within the field of pediatric oncology. Since 2007 he has served as chair of the Children’s Oncology Group (COG) Phase III Study AREN0533:  “Treatment of Newly Diagnosed Higher Risk Favorable Histology Wilms Tumors”.  It is likely that the results of this international study will change the way in which children with Higher Risk Favorable Histology Wilms Tumors are treated world-wide.  In 2012, Dr Dix was appointed a Coordinating Principle Investigator for the Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis (LCH) IV study, an international study for the treatment of pediatric patients and young adults with LCH. In addition, his research has focused on supportive care issues in the field of PHO, as well as quality of life research examining the psycho-social impact of childhood cancer. Within this field Dr Dix has successfully collaborated and published with a number of Canadian and International research groups.

While Dr Dix has a substantial interest in and commitment to education and research, the major focus of his daily work and of his career remains the clinical care that he provides to patients within the Division of Pediatric Hematology/Oncology.

Dr. Kevin Harris, Young Investigator Award, granted by the Canadian Cardiovascular Society

kevin harris photo 2012-09-14

Dr. Kevin Harris

The Young Investigator Award, granted by the Canadian Cardiovascular Society, is a National Award created in 1970 and is presented to a young investigator whose clinical or basic science activities are in the area of cardiovascular disease. Dr Harris is the first pediatric cardiologist to ever receive this prestigious award.

Dr. Harris completed his MD at the University of British Columbia.  He pursued training in Pediatrics at BC Children’s Hospital before returning to UBC to pursue and complete a Masters in Health Care and Epidemiology.  Dr. Harris then completed his Cardiology fellowship at BC Children’s Hospital before relocating to Emory University in Atlanta, GA, for advanced training in Interventional Cardiac Catheterization.  He is Assistant Professor in the Division of Cardiology and an Associate Clinician Scientist at the Child & Family Research Institute.  As an academic pediatric cardiologist, his research is focused on optimizing outcomes for children with congenital and acquired heart disease.

Dr. Harris is also the Director of the Cardiac Prevention Clinic at BC Children’s Hospital and is interested in the childhood origins of adult onset cardiovascular disease.

Dr. Jean Hlady, 2014 Award of Excellence in Medical Practice, granted by the College of Physicians & Surgeons of BC


Dr. Jean Hlady

Awarded for exceptional contribution to the practice of medicine whether in teaching, research, clinical practice, administration or health advocacy.

Dr. Jean Hlady is a Clinical Professor and general pediatrician with the Department of Pediatrics, BC Children’s Hospital, where she has worked full-time in clinical practice and medical education for over 30 years.

Dr. Hlady also assumed more formal responsibilities at various levels which have enhanced the Department’s capacity as a center for children’s health and training in children’s health. She made significant contributions in the role of Undergraduate Training Director, and at the graduate level, participated as a long-time examiner for Pediatrics at the Royal College.

Dr. Hlady worked together with Dr. David Smith on developing the General Pediatric Clinic, a core function at BC Children’s Hospital. She was also one of the earliest pioneers for pediatric emergency medicine. She was also recognized as one of the first leaders in the management of acutely ill children presenting to the emergency department, prior to the implementation of a specialty fellowship in this area. Her emergency work exposed her to child maltreatment.  In 1988, she was appointed Director of the Child Protection Service Unit, BC Children’s Hospital and served in this role until 2013. During the course of her career, she has seen and reviewed over 4,000 cases of child abuse and is regarded by her peers, as the most experienced child abuse clinician in the province. She is often consulted by physicians and legal authorities to review particularly complex cases, some of which may be fatalities.

Under her careful guidance and unwavering support, a network of Suspect Child Abuse and Neglect (SCAN) teams has been created throughout the province to serve families and children closer to home. Dr. Hlady’s work has been instrumental in protecting countless children who have been victimized by child maltreatment, often at great personal cost such as harsh cross-examination in court by lawyers.

She has continued to demonstrate leadership year after year, with highly honed skills in medical diagnosis and treatment, and a very deep and human understanding of the legal system and court’s function to protect children and their families.

Dr. Leora Kuttner, PhD, William C. Wester Award, granted by the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis 

Dr. Leora Kuttner

Dr. Leora Kuttner

This award is granted for significant contributions to the field of pediatric hypnosis, treatment and research.

Dr. Leora Kuttner is a Clinical Professor with the Department of Pediatrics and a Registered Psychologist.  Children and teens have been the focus of her clinical work for 30 years.  Her family–centred approach involves talking and working with parents and, when needed, siblings as well.

Over the past 30 years, Dr. Kuttner has developed her specialty in pediatric pain management and disease-related concerns.  In her practice, she sees and treats children diagnosed with cancer, rheumatological and gastro-enterological diseases, as well as pain conditions such as migraines, headaches, and abdominal and muscular-skeletal pain.  Many of her patients are frequently referred by BC Children’s Hospital and pediatricians.


Dr. Joseph Lam, Teacher of the Year Award, Undergraduate Education, granted by the Department of Pediatrics

Dr. Joseph Lam

Dr. Joseph Lam

This award is presented to an instructor chosen by the Undergraduate Program for outstanding educational contributions to Pediatrics.

Dr. Joseph M Lam is a Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Pediatrics and associate member of the Department of Dermatology.  He enjoys teaching medical trainees at all levels and recently won the 2012 teaching award for excellence in clinical teaching.  In the clinic, he mentors 3rd and 4th year medical students and ensures they take home at least three quantifiable and verifiable facts at the end of each clinic.  As part of his 3rd year undergraduate pediatrics half-day lectures, he teaches and entertains medical students through an innovative lecture on pediatric dermatology using an interactive “Jeopardy”-style format.   He has helped keen medical students write and publish over 75 articles in various medical journals.   Dr. Lam is very honoured and pleased to have been selected to receive the 2014 Teacher of the Year Award, Undergraduate Education in Pediatrics.

Dr. James Lee, Rookie of the Year Award, granted by the Department of Pediatrics

Dr. James Lee

Dr. James Lee

This award is granted by the Department of Pediatrics Residents to new staff.

Dr. James Lee received his medical degree from the University of Ottawa in 2006 and subsequently completed his residency in Pediatric Neurology at BC Children’s Hospital in 2011.  Following residency, he moved to New York to complete a fellowship in Clinical Neurophysiology (EEG/Epilepsy track) at Montefiore Medical Center/Albert Einstein College of Medicine, followed by fellowship training in Sleep Medicine at the University of Chicago Medical Center.

In 2013, Dr. Lee returned to BC Children’s Hospital, where he is a Clinical Assistant Professor in the Division of Neurology.  He is trained in the interpretation of EEG (for which he is certified by the Canadian Society of Clinical Neurophysiology) and polysomnography.  His primary areas of interest are epilepsy and sleep medicine.


Dr. Garth Meckler, Teacher of the Year Award, granted by the Department of Pediatrics

Dr. Garth Meckler

Dr. Garth Meckler

This award is granted by the Department of Pediatrics Residents and is assessed on the performance of subspecialty trainees during their training in the Department of Pediatrics. It is based on the three main areas of:  clinical expertise, contribution to education, and research endeavours.

Dr.  Meckler received his medical degree at Harvard University and completed residency in Pediatrics at the University of Washington, Seattle. He continued his fellowship program in Emergency Medicine at the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles after which he completed a Masters in Health Services Research at the University of California, Los Angeles and was a faculty member at Oregon Health & Sciences University in Portland, Oregon where he served as Fellowship Director for Pediatric Emergency Medicine. His clinical and academic interests include prehospital and transport medicine, medical education, and headache. Dr. Meckler joined the Department of Pediatrics in January 2013 as the Division Head for Pediatric Emergency Medicine.

Dr. Daniel Metzger, Patient & Family Centred Care Award

Dr. Dan Metzger

Dr. Dan Metzger

This award, granted by the Partners in Care, The Family Advisory to BC Children’s Hospital, recognizes those health care professionals who weave the principles of family centred care through their daily work.

Dr. Dan Metzger’s research primarily involves the development, prevention and treatment of Type 1 (insulin-dependent or juvenile-onset) diabetes. He is an investigator in several multicenter clinical trials involved in preventing Type 1 diabetes. Additionally, he collaborates with basic-science researchers from the BC Research Institute and from The Centre of Human Islet Transplant and Beta Cell Regeneration at VGH, helping provide clinical material (most commonly, blood samples) for their research.

He also maintains the Division of Endocrinology’s large website providing resources for families of children with diabetes and other endocrine disorders, and for the professionals caring for these patients.

Most recently, working with local and provincial resources, he has helped initiate an endocrine treatment program for transgendered youth.

Dr. Alexander (Sandy) Pitfield, Patient & Family Centred Care Award – Award of Distinction

Dr. Sandy Pitfield

Dr. Sandy Pitfield

This award, granted by the Partners in Care: The Family Advisory to BC Children’s Hospital, recognizes those health care professionals who weave the principles of family centred care through their daily work.

Dr. Pitfield is Clinical Assistant Professor with the Division of Critical Care, Department of Pediatrics. He received his MD from Queen’s University in Toronto, and completed his residency program at the Department of Pediatrics, BCCH, followed by a fellowship in Critical Care at BCCH. He further pursued a Senior Fellowship in Pediatric Cardiothoracis/Critical Care Medicine at Children’s Hospital, Los Angeles, California.

Dr. Pitfield’s research is focused on Innovation in Acute Care and Technology and particularly, on the use of extracorporeal life support (mechanical support for heart and lung failure) in children.  Specific areas of interest include anticoagulation (blood thinning) and blood product usage in this population.


Dr. Julie Prendiville, UBC Dermatology Teaching Award 

Dr. Julie Prendiville

Dr. Julie Prendiville

This award is presented by the UBC Department of Dermatology residents.  The award selection criteria are based on the contributions made by a faculty member to the dermatological knowledge and education of residents.  This can take a variety of forms including clinical teaching, lectures, journal clubs, and acting as a role model.

Dr. Julie Prendiville is a Clinical Professor with the Department of Pediatrics, Division of Pediatric Dermatology, which was established following her appointment to the Department of Pediatrics in 1990. She has been Division Head, Dermatology for the past 20 years and is also Associate Member of the UBC Department of Dermatology where she teaches in the Postgraduate Resident Training Program.  Dr. Prendiville trained in Dublin, London, Belfast and Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago. Prior to her appointment to the Division of Dermatology, BCCH, she worked at Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio.


Dr. Paul Rogers, Judith Hall Award granted by the BC Pediatric Society

Dr. Paul Rogers

Dr. Paul Rogers

This award is granted by the BC Pediatric Society in recognition of excellence in research, policy development, community involvement and improving the status of or empowering pediatricians.

Dr. Rogers is a Clinical Professor with the Division of Hematology, Oncology, BMT, Department of Pediatrics. Dr. Rogers joined the Department of Pediatrics in 1976 and performed the first pediatric bone marrow transplantation in Vancouver in 1979. He also established the pediatric bone marrow transplant program in 1980. He developed the fellowship training program in pediatric hematology/oncology at UBC in 1982 and was subspecialty Program Director between 1982 and 2002. He developed and co-chaired the Provincial Hematology Oncology Network (PHON) under the auspices of BCCH and BCCA from 2000-2009.  He founded the long-term follow-up clinic at BCCH in 1982 and was Division Head, Pediatric Oncology/Hematology and BMT from 1988-1992 and from 1998-2009.

He is Principal investigator (UBC) for the Children’s Oncology Group (COG) for the conduct of clinical trials for children with pediatric malignancies. He is former Chairman of the Nutritional Committee for the COG, which develops nutritional clinical and translational research and intervention studies for children with malignancies.  He is co-chair of the Canadian Task Force for Adolescents and Young Adults with Cancer and Secretary-General to the board of the International Society of Pediatric Oncology (SIOP), for the term 2013-2016.

His major interest and expertise lie in the evaluation of long-term survivors of pediatric malignancies and his work is focused on assessment of long-term sequelae in children with malignancies; clinical trials to improve treatments for childhood cancer and assessment of nutritional support for children with cancer.

Dr. David Scheifele, Merck ‘Patients First’ Award

Dr. David Scheifele

Dr. David Scheifele

This award is granted by Merck Canada in recognition of exemplary contributions to patient-centered care.

Dr. Scheifele is a CFRI Senior Clinician Scientist and a Professor in the Department of Pediatrics at the University of British Columbia (UBC).  Dr. Scheifele has made substantial contributions to patient care, medical education, vaccine programs and vaccine research during his 37-year career as an academic clinician-scientist. He has been recognized with many awards and honours, including the Order of Canada.

Dr. Scheifele is the co-founder and Director of the Vaccine Evaluation Center, a leading centre for applied vaccine research in Canada. The main research themes involve disease burden studies, vaccine clinical trials, and studies to fine tune public immunization programs, including ongoing assessment of vaccine safety.  The Vaccine Evaluation Center researchers collaborate with vaccine specialists across the country and with provincial and federal health officials, with the goal of efficiently translating new vaccine products into optimal vaccination programs for children and adults. Under Dr. Scheifele’s leadership, the VEC continues its policy-shaping research through immunization advances.


Dr. Michael Seear, Vic Chernick Award, granted by the Canadian Thoracic Society

Dr. Michael Seear

Dr. Michael Seear

This award is granted by the Canadian Thoracic Society for Lifetime Achievement in the field of Pediatric Respirology.

Dr. Seear is Clinical Professor and Head, Division of Respiratory Medicine, with the Department of Pediatrics. He received his basic medical training in what used to be called Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), his native land. Upon graduation, he worked as a district health doctor in remote rural hospitals. His continuing interest in the health of people living in poverty dates back to that time. After relocating to Canada in the 1980’s, he worked as a resident at BC Children’s Hospital before taking further sub-specialty training in pediatric respiratory diseases, as well as a second fellowship in pediatric intensive care.  After completing this training he joined the BC Children’s Hospital staff, dividing his time between the intensive care unit and the Division of Respiratory Medicine.  More recently, he left the ICU and is currently the Division Head, Respiratory Medicine.

His research interests reflect his past clinical experience with his primary interest which has always been international health.  He has published two books on the subject and also teaches a credit course on international health at UBC.  He is currently running a large multi-centre trial in India looking into childhood pneumonia.  He also enjoys investigating topical questions in clinical respiratory medicine, including the very specialised respiratory topic of children that need mechanical ventilation in their homes.


Dr. Trent Smith, CAME Certificate of Merit for Medical Education, granted by the Canadian Association for Medical Education

Dr. Trent Smith

Dr. Trent Smith

The CAME Certificate of Merit promotes, recognizes and rewards faculty who are committed to medical education in Canadian medical schools.

Dr. Trent Smith completed his undergraduate degree at UBC (‘92), his medical degree at the University of Alberta (‘97) and his paediatric residency at UBC (‘01). He began practicing as a paediatrician in Kamloops twelve years ago and joined the FoM at that time. He has been the site coordinator for R2 paediatric residents in the UBC Paediatrics residency program for eight years. Over the past three years, Royal Inland Hospital has become one of UBC’s Southern Medical Program sites and began taking third year medical students for their core rotations. Dr. Smith has acted as the paediatrics lead overseeing the addition of medical students into pediatric service delivery at Royal Inland.

Dr. Smith is a two time recipient of the “Community-based Pediatrician Award” from the UBC residents for teaching and mentoring.  He remains involved in the administrative side of medical education at both the undergraduate and postgraduate level, and continues to provide bedside teaching to both medical students and residents. He is taking an increasing interest in the delivery and evaluation of medical education, particularly as it relates to non-traditional teaching sites.

Dr. Laura Stewart, 2014 Clinical Faculty Award for Excellence in Clinical Education

Dr. Laura Stewart

Dr. Laura Stewart

This award is granted by the UBC Faculty of Medicine and recognizes excellence in teaching by Clinical Faculty members at a Clinical Academic Campus.

Dr. Laura Stewart is Clinical Associate Professor with the Division of Endocrinology, Department of Pediatrics.  Dr. Stewart completed medical school and her pediatric residency at the University of Calgary.  She followed with three years of subspecialty training in Endocrinology and Metabolism at the Alberta Children’s Hospital and joined the Division of Endocrinology at BC Children’s Hospital in September of 1989. Her focus has been providing clinical care and education and she continues to be the chair of the carbohydrate week for the endocrinology block, which she has held since the change to the medical school curriculum. She provides lectures to the third year medical students during their pediatric rotation and is the Program Director of the subspecialty training program in Pediatric Endocrinology. The program has advanced under her leadership. When she became Program Director, the program had provisional approval and no Canadian trainees and now has full approval and two Canadian trainees who have graduated from the program; they both have faculty positions in Pediatric Endocrinology, one in Ottawa and one in Vancouver. The program currently has two Canadian trainees has had excellent clinical fellows from a number of countries who are practicing in their countries-of-origin.

Dr. Joseph Ting, Travel Award granted by the Asian Society for Pediatric Research (PAS-ASPR Meeting 2014)

Dr. Joseph Ting

Dr. Joseph Ting

This award is granted in recognition of research work presented in 2014 PAS-ASPR Meeting named “Predictors of Post-Ligation Cardiac Syndrome (PLCS) in Neonates after Introduction of Targeted Milrinone Treatment”

Dr. Joseph Ting has been appointed to the position of Clinical Assistant Professor and is a Staff Neonatologist with the Division of Neonatology. He completed his medical training and Pediatrics residency in Hong Kong in 2006 and obtained his Master of Public Health in 2009.

He arrived in Vancouver in 2010 to receive his fellowship training in Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine. He then spent six months at The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto to receive further training in Neonatal Hemodynamics and Targeted Neonatal Echocardiography (TnECHO).


Dr. Mumtaz Virji, Hospital Paediatrician of the Year Award, granted by the Department of Pediatrics

Dr. Mumtaz Virji

Dr. Mumtaz Virji

This award is granted by the Department of Pediatrics and is awarded to a pediatrician who works in the hospital setting and has demonstrated excellence in teaching and mentorship.

Dr. Virji completed her Pediatric residency program and one year of service as Chief Resident in New York.  She began as a community based pediatrician upon relocating to Vancouver and worked as a Clinical Associate in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), while pursuing her Masters Degree in Health Administration at UBC.   She became involved in medical education in 2008 as the Year IV Director for the Undergraduate Program and increasingly involved by becoming the Year III Clerkship Director.  She then left community-based pediatrics to become a hospital-based pediatrician and has since taken over the responsibilities of the Undergraduate Program Director.  Dr. Virji is involved with teaching all levels of trainees in the Pediatrics Program at UBC and is also actively involved in Resident Continuity Clinic.