Our Strategic Direction

The Department of Pediatrics sits at the critical intersect between research, education, and clinical care and is an instrumental component in the development of a Pediatric Academic Health Sciences Network in British Columbia.

On April 1 2022, The UBC Department of Pediatrics welcomed @DrStevenPMiller as Professor and Head, Dept Pediatrics, Faculty of Medicine, UBC and Chief, Pediatric Medicine, BC Children’s Hospital & Sunny Hill Health Centre.

Steven Paul Miller, MDCM MAS FRCPC
Professor and Head, Dept Pediatrics, Faculty of Medicine, UBC
Chief Pediatric Medicine, BC Children’s Hospital & Sunny Hill Health Centre

We look forward to the inspired direction he plans to co-create with leaders in our department. Stay tuned for updates in the coming months.



Fostering Discovery. Advancing Knowledge. Transforming Pediatric Health.


In partnership with our community, we are committed to improving the health of British Columbia’s children and youth through excellence in research, education and clinical care – our focus is provincial, our impact is international.


Leadership & Integrity. Discovery & Innovation. Excellence & Quality. Teamwork & Collaboration.


Our People

We recognize the value of our people and critical contributions each and every person makes to the Department of Pediatrics. It a fundamental priority for us to take care of our people, and support their growth and development.

Unify the Department of Pediatrics by improving communication and resource sharing across the Province and modeling a culture that aligns with our core values.

Invest in our people by enabling personal and professional development, facilitating mentorship, and recognizing meritorious achievement at all stages of career progression.
Strengthen our human resources by improving organizational planning, and enhancing our ability to recruit, retain and develop outstanding people to sustain our health system.


Positioned at the intersection of research, education and clinical care, we are committed to promoting and facilitating integration with our partners to drive best practices and
Improve health.

Drive collaborative accomplishments by strategically aligning with our partners, and contributing to the development of a Provincial Pediatric Academic Health
Sciences Network.

Enhance cooperation and integration by creating opportunities to broaden institutional interactions, developing shared services and programs, and defining common measures of performance with intersecting indicators and outcomes.

Develop our professional network by strengthening our provincial, national and international alliances, and broadening our inter-institutional relationships. Positioned at the intersection of research, education and clinical care, we are committed to promoting and facilitating integration with our partners to drive best practices and Improve health.


Our ability to effectively contribute to research, education and clinical care requires us to evaluate internally for opportunities to improve performance, and build
a sustainable future for the Department of Pediatrics.

Improve departmental effectiveness by identifying evidence-based standards, evolving performance indicators, and enhancing the use of data and information to support decisions.

Build economic sustainability by ensuring responsible financial management, advocating for efficient funding systems, and exploring opportunities for additional sources of revenue.

Maximize administrative efficiency by dedicating resources towards ongoing systems analyses, evaluation, and optimization.

Develop and promote our identity by engaging our stakeholders, increasing national and international recognition and advancing our brand as the UBC Department of Pediatrics.

Discovery & Innovation

"The core purpose of the Academic Health Science Network is to identify, adopt and spread innovation to lead best practice" –National Health Service, UK [A global leader in the establishment of Academic Health Science Networks]

Translate discoveries into solutions by advocating for and contributing to the generation of new knowledge, strengthening our research alliances, and developing supportive resources.

Embrace and lead innovation by fostering ingenuity, pursuing creative ventures, and establishing dedicated infrastructure to incubate ideas, and transform concepts into solutions.

Enable and promote research and discovery by improving access to funding, developing knowledge and skills in investigative science, and identifying opportunities for collaborative engagement in initiatives across the Department.

Teaching & Learning

We have a strong commitment to preparing the leaders of tomorrow, and strive to continuously improve the academic quality of our programs as well as student experience.

Prepare tomorrow’s physician leaders in clinical care, research, and education by delivering excellent and innovative programs, responsive to our communities’ needs.

Enhance our educational value by leading best practices in medical education, embracing learning technologies, and improving our ability to collect, translate and respond to stakeholder feedback and academic data

Improve student outcomes and experiences by evolving our academic framework, engaging our learners, and enhancing communication between students, faculty and administration.

Strengthen and support our Educators by establishing structured mechanisms for performance improvement and facilitating opportunities to develop professionally.

Clinical Care & Health Advocacy

In collaboration with our clinical partners, we will continue to improve the health and well-being of children, and are committed to exploring new ways to increase system efficiency, and benefit the global community.

Improve pediatric health through clinical excellence and the delivery of optimal care, health advocacy, and the collaborative advancement of practices, policies and outcomes.

Increase system efficiency by evaluating and optimizing our current processes, and developing innovative models of care to broaden service access and capacity in a sustainable manner.

Explore global health initiatives by improving alliances with national and international organizations supporting opportunities for the universal advancement of child health.