Pediatrics Research Curriculum Course

Every year, R1 residents and fellows in the Department of Pediatrics participate in the Pediatrics Research Curriculum Course in the fall. The course provides a foundation for understanding research methodology, developing research projects and learning about ongoing research in the Department of Pediatrics (Divisions and Residents).

The sessions provide a direct contact with many Divisions in the Department of Pediatrics, allow R1 residents to know who to contact for research and other scholarly activities, and to meet potential mentors.

By the end of Block 12, R1 residents need to find a mentor, determine their research project during residency, and sign a Mentorship Agreement form with their mentor.

Examples of Sessions During Course

Administrative Databases to Look at Health Outcomes
Diabetes Quality of Care Assessment
Workshop format – Quality Assurance/ Education
Health Research and Design
Healthy Data Management
Introduction to Quality Improvement
Observational Studies
Formal Teaching & Discussion
Pharmacogenomics and Integration to Patient Care
Formal Teaching Clinical Research
Practical Considerations for Ethics Application
Presenting at Ease
Qualitative Research to Inform Clinical Practice
Single sample design (n of 1 trials)
Systematic Review and Meta Analysis
Taking Research to Another Level
Pathway to Scientific Research after Residency
What About Statistics – Part 1 & 2