Pediatrics Research Curriculum Course

Every year, R1 residents and fellows in the Department of Pediatrics participate in the Pediatrics Research Curriculum Course, organized by Dr. Ran Goldman, starting in September (2 sessions) and usually continuing between February and April (7 sessions). The course provides a foundation for understanding research methodology, developing research projects and learning about ongoing research in the Department of Pediatrics (Divisions and Residents).
The first 2 sessions provide a direct contact with all of the Division in the Department of Pediatrics and allow R1 residents to know who to contact for research and other scholar activities, and to meet potential mentors.
By December, residents need to find a mentor, determine their research project during residency and sign a Mentorship Agreement with their mentor.

Examples of Sessions During Course

Dr. Ran Goldman Research Course Format & Expectations for Feb
Dr. Ash Singhal Health Research Design
Formal Teaching & Discussion
Division Speakers Research Topics in Pediatric Divisions
Special Research Presentations
Dr. Cherry Mammen Observational Studies
Dr. Bruce Carleton Pharmacogenomics Research & the Future of Precision Medicine
Dr. Ran Goldman Research Project Clinic
Practical issues with your project
Dr. Mariana Brussoni Qualitative Research
Formal Teaching & Discussion
Vivian Ukah PHD Diagnostic Tests and Discussion
Dr. Catherine Pallen
CFRI Scientist
Laboratory Research
Dr. Kevin Harris Systematic Reviews & Meta Analysis
Dr. Shazhan Amed Diabetes Quality of Care Assessment
Workshop-Quality Assurance/ Education
Dr. Jean-Paul Collet Practical Issue in Measurement
Residents Research Presentations My Resident Research Projects & Tips for Success
Dr. Rod Rassekh Using Administrative Databases to look at Health Outcomes in Pediatric Oncology
Jennie Prasad Practical considerations for submitting Ethics application Workshop, Q&A
Dr. Brett Schrewe Pathway to Scientific Research after Residency
Dr. Boris Kuzeljevic What about Statistics?
Dr. Kristopher Kang My Double Life – Opportunities for Research in Global Health
Dr. Ran Goldman Putting it all together: Presenting and Writing Your Research
Dr. Ran Goldman Final report by residents (3 min each) on Research Project Summary