Mentor/Mentee Roles and Responsibilities

All residents and fellows are expected to sign a contract for their research project with their mentor.

After downloading the form, please open it in unnamedAcrobat Reader

Responsibilities of Mentor

  • Respect and listen to the mentee
  • Be available to respond by email/phone or in person to the Mentee as needed
  • Provide honest, constructive and timely feedback to mentee regarding accomplishments and challenges
  • Discuss research progress in a timely manner
  • Involve other professionals as needed in order to accomplish the mentorship goals
  • Identify gaps in training and skills, and design strategies to close these gaps
  • Consider and support career building steps for the mentee and coach for career direction, including networking
  • Meet with Mentee at least quarterly to review progress

Responsibilities of Mentee (Fellow/Resident)

  • Respect and listen to the mentor
  • Be available to respond by email/phone or in person to the Mentor communication
  • Provide timely feedback to mentor regarding challenges and successes
  • Actively discuss research work done or delayed in a timely manner
  • Aim to complete mentorship goals despite other commitments and time constraints
  • Work towards publication of the research project in a highly regarded peer-reviewed publication
  • Take responsibility for all aspects of the project
  • To meet with Mentor at least every three months to review progress and to submit a progress report to the Program Head/Scholarly Project Committee