Mentor/Mentee Roles and Responsibilities

All residents and fellows are expected to sign a contract for their research project with their mentor.

After downloading the form, please open it in unnamedAcrobat Reader. The “Email” and “Save” buttons at the top of form will NOT function unless opened with Acrobat Reader.

Responsibilities of Mentor

  • Respect and listen to the mentee
  • Be available to respond by email/phone or in person to the Mentee as needed
  • Provide honest, constructive and timely feedback to mentee regarding accomplishments and challenges
  • Discuss research progress in a timely manner
  • Involve other professionals as needed in order to accomplish the mentorship goals
  • Identify gaps in training and skills, and design strategies to close these gaps
  • Consider and support career building steps for the mentee and coach for career direction, including networking
  • Meet with Mentee at least quarterly to review progress

Responsibilities of Mentee (Fellow/Resident)

  • Respect and listen to the mentor
  • Be available to respond by email/phone or in person to the Mentor communication
  • Provide timely feedback to mentor regarding challenges and successes
  • Actively discuss research work done or delayed in a timely manner
  • Aim to complete mentorship goals despite other commitments and time constraints
  • Work towards publication of the research project in a highly regarded peer-reviewed publication
  • Take responsibility for all aspects of the project
  • To meet with Mentor at least every three months to review progress and to submit a progress report to the Program Head/Scholarly Project Committee