Congratulations Dr. Anne Junker!

Congratulations to Dr. Junker, the 2023 recipient of The Michael Smith Health Research Leadership & Advocacy Award!

Dr. Junker, Associate Professor Emerita, UBC and Principal at UBC Emeritus College has contributed over four decades of work in clinical practice and clinical trials-related activities in pediatrics.

This award recognizes Dr. Junker’s extraordinary leadership contributions to the establishment of formal pediatric clinical trial guidance and the advancement of pediatric ethics, quality assurance, rare disease research and clinical trial data management efficiencies at all levels of governance.

She is a strong promoter and advocate for the development of clinical trial and research networks in BC, Canada and internationally, including the Global Genomics Alliance, Maternal Infant Child and Youth Research Network (MICYRN) and (BCCRIN), which is now known as Clinical Trials BC.

Dr. Junker has mentored and inspired many clinical trial clinicians and professionals and is an avid supporter of education and training for all research team members.


Cross-posted with permission.