New Division of Immunology

Image: Drs. Kyla Hildebrand, Catherine Biggs, Elliot James, and Stuart Turvey

The Department of Pediatrics is pleased to announce the newly formed Division of Immunology.

The Division of Immunology is an internationally recognized center of excellence for Immunology clinical care, teaching, and research. Team members include Drs. Catherine Biggs, Kyla Hildebrand, Elliot James, and Stuart Turvey. In recent years Immunology outpatient clinic visits at BC Children’s Hospital have increased 10-fold, and inpatient consults have increased 8-fold. This team successfully advocated for newborn screening for Severe Combined Immune deficiency with a recent launch of the newborn screening program in 2022. Research conducted in the Division of Immunology is world leading, having identified many new immune system disorders and through its research program, the discovery of novel, patient-specific treatments. MORE