Farewell Dr. Linda Casey!

Dr. Casey was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, and spent much of her career at Stollery Children’s Hospital in Edmonton. After completing her pediatric training and postgraduate training in Nutrition and Metabolism, she founded the Children’s Intestinal Rehabilitation (CHIRP) Program as a collaborative venture between Edmonton and Calgary. In addition, she was the Director of the Home Nutrition Support Program, and she was extensively involved in pediatric feeding and taught both medical students and nutrition students.

In 2012, she was recruited to Vancouver to lead the Complex Feeding and Nutrition Service. Shortly after her arrival, she helped the team to establish the inpatient care of children with intestinal failure, complementing the existing outpatient care and resulting in a comprehensive CHIRP team in Vancouver.

Dr. Casey consulted on children with a variety of feeding and nutritional problems; she provided leadership via committee work; she was the Nutrition Theme Lead for the undergraduate medical program at UBC; and, a past president of the Medical Staff Association (MSA).

Dr. Casey has thoroughly enjoyed Vancouver’s beautiful geography, and the opportunities for cycling, golf and hiking.

All the best in your next chapter, we wish you well!