Congratulations Dr. Dzung Vo!

Dr. Dzung Vo, Division Head

Dr. Dzung Vo is the 2021 recipient of the Dr. Judith Hall Award by the BC Pediatric Society!

The Dr. Judith Hall Award recognizes excellence in research, policy development, community involvement and improving the status of or empowering pediatricians.

“Dzung has been key to moving forward several initiatives that have become increasingly important in Pediatrics. He has grown the Division of Adolescent Medicine; successfully implemented a Mind-Body approach to helping youth and children address mental health and physical health issues; been at the forefront of the Social Pediatrics initiative both improving the health of children from disadvantaged communities and bringing awareness of these issues to the Department. These initiatives began long before the pandemic, but the stresses on youth and disadvantaged children made them all the more relevant. He has also introduced Mindfulness meditation to professionals throughout BC, as means of addressing wellness.”

– Dr. Hal Siden, Head and Medical Director, Division of Palliative Medicine, Department of Pediatrics.

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Congratulations Dr. Vo!