Congratulations to Dr. Mary Connolly!

Dr. Mary Connolly

Dr. Mary Connolly, Head of the Division of Neurology is the recipient of the Clinician Practitioner Excellence in Leadership Award from the Pediatric Chairs of Canada. This award acknowledges individuals who advance educational innovation that enhances the quality of teaching related to children and youth.

Dr. Connolly’s research centers on various aspects of pediatric neurology, primarily epilepsy and surgical management of epilepsy. She is a Clinical Professor, Division of Neurology, Department of Pediatrics, Faculty of Medicine, University of British Columbia, and an Investigator, BC Children’s Hospital, Director of the Epilepsy Surgery Program, BC Children’s Hospital.

More about the Pediatric Chairs of Canada
Founded in 1960 as the Assembly of Canadian University Pediatric Department Heads, and incorporated as the Pediatric Chairs of Canada (PCC) in 2002, PCC represents the Departments of Pediatrics within the seventeen Canadian medical schools. Collectively they provide national leadership in research and education to promote the health and healthcare of children and youth in Canada.

Since 2007, through the Pediatric Academic Leadership Awards, the Pediatric Chairs of Canada (PCC) has promoted the development of excellence and leadership within specific career paths. We believe the health of children and youth is dependent on leadership in each of the roles of clinician practitioner, clinician educator, clinician investigator, young academic leaders, and in association with these rules, the provision of administrative leadership. To recognize, support, and promote these roles among academic pediatricians, PCC has established the National Pediatric Leadership Awards.

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