Congratulations to Drs. Tom McLaughlin and Dan Metzger!


The American Academy of Pediatrics has awarded two AAP District VIII Special Achievement Awards to two Department of Pediatrics faculty members. Dr. Tom McLaughlin, won the Clinician/Leadership category and Dr. Dan Metzger, was recognized in the Health Advocacy category.

More about our recipients:

Tom McLaughlin, MD, FAAP, FRCPC, MPP
Investigator and Pediatrician, BC Children’s Hospital
Medical Director, Clinical Teaching Unit, BC Children’s Hospital

Academic Affiliations
Clinical Assistant Professor, Division of General Pediatrics, Department of Pediatrics, Faculty of Medicine, University of British Columbia

Tom is a general pediatrician with an interest in how the healthcare system works. My research explores areas where the healthcare system helps or harms the health of children and youth. This includes investigating the rules and policies of the healthcare system itself, and also includes investigating how hospitals can be made as safe and effective as possible.

Tom took a leadership role at BCCH during the COVID-19 pandemic. He played a significant leadership role at our campus and he worked in collaboration with the BCCH Operations team to develop policies & protocols for COVID patients.

Daniel L Metzger, MD
Investigator and Pediatric Endocrinologist, BC Children’s Hospital

Academic Affiliations
Clinical Professor, Division of Endocrinology, Department of Pediatrics, Faculty of Medicine, University of British Columbia

Dan is primarily involved in the development, prevention and treatment of type 1 (insulin-dependent or juvenile-onset) diabetes. I am an investigator in several multicenter clinical trials involved in preventing type 1 diabetes.

He also maintains his Division’s large website providing resources for families of children with diabetes and other endocrine disorders, and for the professionals caring for these patients.

Working with local and provincial resources, he has helped initiate an endocrine treatment program for transgender youth, and I am a Co-Investigator on a pan-Canadian study of these youth and their families (Trans Youth CAN!).

Dan’s work as a health advocate for transgender youth has been recognized by many groups in the past and he has been instrumental in developing the BCCH Gender Clinic which provides treatment with puberty blockers and/or gender-affirming hormones for transgender and gender-questioning youth.

BCCH Gender Clinic is one of the busiest clinics in North America. At BCCH, our team (Endocrinologist, Endocrine Nurse Clinician, and Social Worker/Counsellor)—working in partnership with BCCH and community mental health professionals (Psychiatrists and Psychologists), Trans Care BC and the BC Transgender Clinical Care Group—functions as a “clinic without walls” to deliver endocrine care (puberty blockers and cross-hormone therapy) to this population.