Thank You! New Clinical Faculty Affairs Advisory Council (CFAC) Representative

We would like to offer a hearty thank you to Dr. Gabriella Horvath from the Division of Biomedical Diseases for taking over as the Clinical Faculty Affairs Representative for Pediatrics. Dr. Horvath will serve as the departmental representative and act as the bridge between the Department and the Clinical Faculty Affairs Council.

“Dr. Horvath is a Pediatrician and Biochemical Geneticist working in the Division of Biochemical Diseases at BC Children’s Hospital. She also has an appointment as a biochemical geneticist in the Adult Metabolic Clinic at VGH. Dr. Horvath has particular expertise in neurometabolic and neurotransmitter-related inborn errors of metabolism and genetic dysautonmias. She works closely with the pediatric neurology team and sees patients in the joint metabolic clinic and in the newly created Rett Syndrome clinic. Dr. Horvath is a clinical investigator at the BC Children’s Hospital Research Institute, and a member of the Brain Behaviour and Development Theme. Her research focus is on precision medicine in rare genetic disorders. She is also the director of the CCMG accredited Clinical Biochemical Genetics Fellowship Program and member of the DoP DARPT Committee.”
– Dr. Sylvia Stockler, Division Head, Biochemical Diseases

UBC Faculty of Medicine, Clinical Faculty Affairs Advisory Council Composition:
This advisory council is made up of ex officio, appointed, and elected members.

The Faculty of Medicine’s commitment to equitable and diverse membership on its committees and advisory councils guides its nomination and selection process.

The purpose of this advisory council is to:
– Advise the Dean on matters related to Clinical Faculty members.
– Engage representatives of the Clinical Faculty community from across the province and across Faculty of Medicine programs to enhance the vital partnership between Clinical Faculty and the Faculty of Medicine.
– Provide a multi-way communication forum among Clinical Faculty representatives and the Faculty of Medicine.
– Facilitate inter-professional collaboration among Clinical Faculty representatives from across the Faculty of Medicine’s programs.
– Assist the Clinical Faculty Affairs function through advice to the Director, Clinical Faculty Affairs.

The CFAC plays an important role and represents the interests of Clinical Faculty across the province.

The CFAC oversees areas of appointment and promotion, recognition and remuneration, faculty education development and Faculty of Medicine representation as it relates to clinical faculty.
“The Pediatrics Department and your colleagues would like to share its gratitude to Dr. Pei-Yoong Lam, Clinical Associate Professor, Division of Adolescent Health and Medicine, for her service as the pediatric representative on the CFAC for the last few years, which included one extra year due to the pandemic!” – Dzung X. Vo, MD, Division Head, Adolescent Health and Medicine
Thank you both for your service to the department!

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