BMO Vancouver Marathon, Team Update – Division of Cardiology

Another great year – with more than 40 runners participating in BMO events it was a day full of stories.
Here are the top 5 moments from team heart attack:

5) Everyone needs their own motivation…Jenny (ICU) spotted a guy in a chicken suit running ahead of her
at 8km mark. Nobody wants to get beat by the guy in the chicken suit. She turned on the afterburners
(or maybe it was the fact that the chicken guy stopped for a bathroom break – thank goodness for the
toilet trained chicken!) and Jenny pulled off a personal victory in the half marathon!

4) In a true story of survival Thuso (Cardiology Fellow) triumphed in the half marathon. Well known for
being out of breath after 2 flights of stairs in the TACC (he claims he’s just holding his breath the entire
way as a new form of training), Thuso pulled through and completed his first long distance race – congratulations!

3) Connie (Heart Centre Nursing) didn’t even think she would be able to do the 8km due to recent travel
and other extenuating circumstances that impacted her training. Nonetheless last week she decided she
couldn’t miss it and signed up just last week – Connie came out and did the half marathon in a personal best time!

2) One of Dr. Sanatani’s patients had been training for a half marathon for the past year. She recently was
hospitalized and underwent urgent ICD implantation in March which precluded her previously planned race.
We invited her to join Team Heart Attack and she took us up on the offer as our first Heart Centre patient to
complete the half marathon!

1) Jess (Echocardiography) completed a weekend for the ages. First on Saturday she won the rugby championship
and was named MVP. Then she went out, partied all night like only Jess can and then came out to run the half-marathon –
the crowning achievement was that after being up for >24 hours and running a half marathon, she still made it to the after party!

Congratulations to all who ran in our 3rd Annual Team Heart Attack event and I look forward to seeing you all on
the trails training for Team Heart Attack 2019!

Dr. Kevin Harris
Team Captain

Image: 2017 Team Heart Attack