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To Julie on her retirement:

Dear Julie, You know you cannot avoid the poem I would write

I’ll keep it short but cannot let you go slipping off into the night.


It’s been an amazing privilege working with you all these years

From your colleagues and your patients, constant thanks for you I hear.


We are so thankful for your calm and your reassuring way

We are grateful for your willingness to come in and save the day.


We’re amazed by your memory and your incredible skill

You have a knowledge base for which many residents might kill.


We don’t know how you do it, doing so much and with such grace,

Each patient feels heard and seen, no matter what your pace.


But life doesn’t happen only between these hospital walls,

We know you love to hit the slopes when the mountain calls.


And when the sun begins to shine and there’s early morning light

You’ll be at Kits enjoying a swim to start the day off right.


We love to learn about new movies from hearing what you’ve seen

And about the moving music when to the opera you’ve been.


So sadly it’s time to say goodbye as you head off to distant land

Please send us your new email; we’ll keep it close at hand.


Thank you for all you’ve done for us and for all that we have shared

A very hearty thanks we send from the thousands for whom you’ve cared.


We are going to miss you more than you will know

We have a few small gifts for you to remember us when you go.


– With love and appreciation from your BCCH family