Congratulations to Dr. Colin White!

 The Wilma Crockett Memorial Award is an opportunity for the BC renal and kidney transplant community to recognize individuals who have made and outstanding contribution to patient care in this province. Dr. White is the recipient of the 2017 Wilma Crockett Award!

Dr.  Colin White is a Pediatric Nephrologist who has been at BC Children’s Hospital for almost 15 years. He has cared for children with renal disease in the province, in particular children with chronic kidney disease and those on both peritoneal and hemo-dialysis. He is a leader in his field, an innovator in provision of care, and educator of trainees at all levels, and most importantly, a caring and compassionate health care provider. He is known for his dedication to spending the time that was needed with each and every patient and family to ensure they were provided with all the information necessary to optimally care for their child. Locally, he has developed guidelines for anemia management in CKD and dialysis as well as a PD peritonitis guideline and kits that allows children to be managed in their home whenever possible. He has also taken on roles in the development of the international KDOQI and KDIGO guidelines with particular expertise in anemia management. He has been involved with several international collaborations on studies of children with CKD and those requiring dialysis with many resulting publications.  He is respected by his peers for his knowledge and expertise in caring for children on dialysis.

Congratulations to Dr. White!