Congratulations to Dr. Ian Pike!

Dr. Pike plans to develop a social marketing campaign and conduct research related to awareness, attitudes and behaviours among recreational boaters in British Columbia. The research project aims to study recreational boaters in BC, and to develop a campaign to increase safety practices and reduce drowning.

“I am pleased to see that, year after year, our partners and stakeholders are onboard with our efforts to promote the importance of safe boating practices across the country. Together, we are making our waterways safer and working to reduce boating fatalities and injuries.” – Joyce Murray, Member of Parliament for Vancouver Quadra

In partnership with Dr. Alison MacPherson and Dr. Tessa Clemens of York University, together with the Canadian Drowning Research Centre, the Community Against Preventable Injuries and the Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue Association Dr. Pike’s project will receive $920,745 for a 3-year project. In-kind and self-generated funds bring the value of the project to $1.35M over the next three years.

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Congratulations Dr. Pike.