Dr. Michael Klein appointed the Order of Canada

michaelkleinCongratulations to Dr. Michael Klein, who has been appointed as a Member of the Order of Canada in recognition of his pioneering work integrating family medicine and maternity care in Canada. Dr. Klein is an Investigator Emeritus at BC Children’s Hospital and an Emeritus Professor Department of Family Practice and the Department of Pediatrics at the University of British Columbia.

Dr. Michael Klein has been recognized for his research in childbirth and maternal health, and specifically his work on routine episiotomies.

“Refusing to serve as an officer in the US Army Medical Corps during the Viet Nam War, he fled to Canada in 1967 with his wife Bonnie. He became a family practitioner, pediatrician, advocate, professor, and researcher at McGill and the University of British Columbia. Michael Klein has played a vital role in placing maternity care at the heart of family medicine. Motivated by concerns over the harmful effects of certain then widespread medical interventions, he pushed for the adoption of family-friendly birth practices, the re-introduction of midwifery, the promotion of doulas in birth and the elimination of routine intrusive interventions such as episiotomy. An influential mentor to many, his approaches are now widely adopted in maternity care.”

See full article here: https://cfri.ca/news/news/2016/07/04/dr.-michael-klein-appointed-to-the-order-of-canada

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