Communications Strategy Update

We thank you for taking the time to complete our Department of Pediatrics Communications Survey. The majority of Department members are satisfied with Departmental communications and there is certainly room for improvement and refinement! Overwhelmingly, feedback indicates that Department members consider events and in particular, Grand Rounds and Advances announcements a top priority (92%). This is followed by News & Announcements (80%) and Award & Funding Opportunities (56%).

In response to these priorities, we have refined the Department of Pediatrics website to include a listing of upcoming Department of Pediatrics events in a readily accessible “Upcoming Events” tab at the “Quick Finds” box of the Home Page,  as well as a full Calendar of Events.  We believe these improvements will provide you with quick, up-to-date access to the latest events at your fingertips.

Similarly, News & Announcements and Award & Funding Opportunities are available at the Quick Finds box of the Home Page.   Both the Education  and Research sections have been expanded and updated.

We are certain that these new features will help to organize your busy schedule.  Additional refinements will be included in the upcoming months.

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