Welcome to Dr. Tamara Zagustin

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Dr Tamara Zagustin, to the Division of Developmental Pediatrics. Dr. Zagustin is a Pediatric Physiatrist, and will be working predominantly with the Acute Rehabilitation Program at Sunny Hill. It is anticipated that Dr. Zagustin will be the Medical Lead for this program and serve as the attending physician for in-patients. In addition, she will help adapt and create our rehabilitation service for children who will have planned admissions to Sunny Hill and also serve as the medical attending for the intensive out-patient stream.

Dr. Zagustin attended Medical school and received residency training in Physical Medicine and Rehab (PMR) at the Universidad Central de Venezuela. She completed her PMR residency at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, followed by a Pediatric Rehabilitation Medicine fellowship at The Children’s Hospital Denver, Colorado (University of Colorado and Health Sciences).

Dr. Zagustin is American board certified in PMR and Pediatric Rehabilitation Medicine.