Hudson Scholars Awards Program (Cohort 3)

Over four years ago, Dr. Allison Eddy, Chief of Pediatrics at BC Children’s Hospital, was named the hospital’s inaugural Hudson Family Hospital Chair in Pediatric Medicine. This endowed chair, made possible through the incredible generosity and vision of the Hudson family, has given Dr. Eddy the resources and capacity to attract top medical talent and improve patient care, research and safety.

A key aspect of this initiative is the Hudson Scholars Awards Program, which provides emerging leaders in pediatric medicine with protected time, structured mentorship, education, and the opportunity to conduct a quality improvement (QI) project. Unlike traditional research, quality improvement research is intended to apply direct and rapid improvements to existing programs, processes or systems to ensure they meet the highest standards in healthcare delivery.

The results to date have been remarkable. Through the program, doctors are building a community in which QI is not just a part of the conversation, but a foundation of care. Its effects are being felt throughout the hospital, from neurology to oncology to allergy and beyond.

The impact of the Hudson Scholars Awards Program is also being felt beyond the hospital as well. Kids are getting home sooner, are benefiting from more accurate medical records for things like immunizations and allergies, and are being treated closer to where they live, even in their own homes.

Clockwise: Drs. Fox, Jassemi, Lee, Lawrence, Sotjindo, and Manouzi

This fall, we have the privilege of welcoming the third cohort of Hudson Scholars, who will be leading QI projects in diverse areas across the hospital. This group of incoming scholars include:

• Dr. Danya Fox, Pediatric Endocrinology: leading a QI project addressing wait times and patient and caregiver satisfaction with intake appointments at BC Children’s Hospital Gender Clinic

• Dr. Sara Jassemi, Adolescent Health and Medicine: leading a QI project assessing a clinical pathway for individualized collaborative care for patients admitted with mental health diagnoses to an acute pediatric medical unit

• Dr. Sally Lawrence, Pediatric Gastroenterology: Leading a QI project on optimizing live vaccine uptake in newly diagnosed pediatric inflammatory bowel disease patients

• Dr. Esther Lee, General Pediatrics, Medical Lead of BCCH Complex Care Program and Palliative Medicine specialist: leading a QI project at BC Children’s Hospital on transforming experience and health care for children using gastrojejunostomy (GJ) tubes, an essential way for children with medical complexity to receive nutrition and medication

• Dr. Anas Manouzi, Pediatric Emergency; leading a QI project to support the development of anti-racism projects within multiple divisions at BCCH, and creating and delivering an innovative anti-racism education curriculum, tailored to the needs of clinical educators, researchers, and clinicians

• Dr. Tatiana Sotindjo, Adolescent Health and Medicine: leading a QI project to measurably decrease implicit bias scores in a cohort of Pediatric Residents following the delivery of Implicit Bias Training

A warm welcome to these physicians! It is truly exciting to see pediatric specialists committed to creating a collaborative community, and working to apply the tools of QI work to improve health outcomes of patients receiving care at BC Children’s.

Originally posted to PHSA on Demand, Nov 23 2020

Contact: Linda Nishida

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