Hudson Scholars Awards Program (Cohort 1)

Hudson Scholars Awards Program was established in 2016. The first several years of funding established the Hudson Scholars in Pediatric Medicine as a mentored career development program.

In the first year, the program focussed on the sub-specialty of general pediatrics and granted two years of funding to the brightest junior physicians at BC Children’s Hospital.

The funding gave them dedicated time for research and further training and education while they build capacity in exciting new fields of pediatric medicine, focusing on quality improvement.

The first Hudson Scholars were Drs. Jennifer Smitten, Kristopher Kang, and Mia Remington. Each of whom received their pediatrics training in the UBC program based at BC Children’s Hospital.

Drs. Smitten, Kang and Remington

Dr. Smitten’s research focussed on “Choosing Wisely” – a movement aimed at avoiding unnecessary medical tests, treatments and procedures. Her research aimed at improving discharge efficiency through quality control improvement. Dr. Kang’s research investigated how to increase vaccination rates of patients at high risk of severe infection.

“We have amazing, talented people who are completing their training at BC Children’s,” said Dr. Eddy. “The Hudson Scholar awards offer us the ability to retain and build on their energy, ideas, interests and expertise. This innovative program also offers the beginning of a long-term career pathway that is focused on quality care.”

Cohort #2 was comprised of: Drs. Benetta Chin (Division of Emergency Medicine), James Lee (Division of Neurology), Tom McLaughlin (Division of General Pediatrics) and Meera Rayar (Division of Hematology, Oncology & BMT). [MORE ABOUT COHORT 2]

Cohort #3 began their two year program in 2020. Their focus is on quality improvement projects, in addition to, two projects aimed at embedding Equity, Diversity and Inclusion practices in our department. They are: Drs. Sara Jassemi, Danya Fox, Sally Lawrence, Esther Lee, Tatiana Sotjindo and Anas Manouzi. [MORE ABOUT COHORT 3]