Residents’ Research Journal Club

Prepared by residents, for residents!
The Residents’ Journal Club, under the direction of the Associate Head of Research, is organized and run by resident representatives with guidance from a faculty facilitator and the Scholarly Activities Coordinator. The objective is to introduce and review key research methodologies and to address important issues in pediatrics. It is aimed to assist residents with the development of critical appraisal skills for pediatric literature and to provide opportunities for active discussion with peers and faculty hosts in a non-formal atmosphere.

When and What?
Faculty hosts introduce their session by describing research opportunities in their Division in which residents may participate. Resident representatives invite Faculty to host a Journal Club, liaise with Divisions to select articles for critical review and assign two residents per Journal Club to review and each present an article and lead the group discussion.

Who should be there?
Residents from all years are welcome to attend. It is expected that residents will attend 60% of sessions or more. Attendance is recorded.

How to Prepare?
Representatives will distribute the relevant articles 7-10 days prior to Journal Club for appraisal by residents. Read them!
The objective is to have a stimulating discussion mediated by presenters, rather than a didactic power point presentation.

2021-22 Journal Club Schedule 

Division Date 
Wellness August 26, 2021
Adolescent Medicine October 21, 2021
Pediatric Critical Care  December 9, 2021
Pediatric Dermatology  February 17, 2022
General Pediatrics March 24, 2022
Nephrology  May 12, 2022
Neurology  June 9, 2022