Academic Half-Days (AHDs)

Trainees learn epidemiology concepts, critical appraisal of the literature, and are offered mentorship from faculty for teaching and coaching. Scholarly activities engaged in include: writing and submitting abstracts to conferences, oral and poster presentations, peer-reviewed publication of articles and abstracts in scientific journals, gaining new knowledge from attending workshops, seminars and special presentations by visiting professors with expertise in their field.

Academic Half-Days (AHD’s)

AHD Regular Blocks

AHD’s for residents are held on Tuesday afternoons from 12:30- 4 PM in Room 3D16 BCCH. The regular AHD blocks are case-based and organized by the associate chiefs.

AHD Research Blocks

On the 1st Tuesday of the month from September through June the residents in first year have a mandatory research block and take the formal research education course, a component of the Pediatric Research Curriculum. The research course is also offered to sub-specialty residents and fellows upon application and approval from their division. The Research Course contains formal clinical teaching by faculty and researchers followed by group discussion engaging participation of the trainees. Teaching sessions on quality assurance and education were added to this curriculum in 2009. At the request of trainees a special research session was added to provide discussion of the research projects process, development and management and describe resources available to assist trainees with pursuing their research. The overall curriculum is under the direction of Dr. Lori Tucker and the Research Curriculum Course is organized by Dr. Ran Goldman.

Dr. Ran Goldman, Resident Research Program Director
Under Recruitment, Research Education Assistant
Dr. Lori Tucker, Research Curriculum Director