General Pediatrics

Dr. Mumtaz Virji

Dr. Mumtaz Virji, Interim Division Head

The Division of General Pediatrics is the Department of Pediatric’s largest Division, with 45 community based, and eleven hospital based Pediatricians.

The mission of the division is to provide comprehensive, interdisciplinary general pediatric health care, education, research and advocacy for the well-being of all children and youth.

The general pediatricians provide inpatient care and education to our trainees on 2 Clinical Teaching Units, and newborn care at Women’s Hospital.

The Division has developed a Complex Care team, providing both inpatient and outpatient services to this growing population of children with complex medical needs throughout the province.

Division members provide consultation services throughout the hospital, work in the ambulatory setting of BCCH providing general pediatric clinical services, and support subspecialty and multidisciplinary teams such as the plagiocephaly, vascular anomalies, spinal and craniofacial clinics.

Child Protection services are provided by general pediatricians and emergency department physicians, who work in a team setting to best serve both the inpatient and outpatient areas, and consult on a provincial level.

At Canuck Place, Pediatric palliative care is delivered through the collaborative efforts of an interdisciplinary team. Dr. Hal Siden, Director of Canuck Place, and his physician colleagues are all members of the Division of General Pediatrics. Through collaboration, education and research, the physicians provide leadership in the improvement of pediatric palliative care at regional, national and international levels.

Members of the Division provide an outreach service to Whitehorse Hospital and work collaboratively with colleagues in the greater Vancouver area and the Provincial Hospitals.

Division members are active in both the Undergraduate and Postgraduate training. The Undergraduate Program Director, Year 4 Electives Director and the site leader at BCCH are all members of General Pediatrics Division. The Associate Director of the Residency program is also our division member. Our members are also involved actively in the Simulation Program, PALS instruction, NRP instruction and Continuing Medical Education.

Division members are involved in global child health projects internationally, and work closely with the Province of British Columbia in expanding the Social Pediatrics program, focusing on the under serviced population in the Vancouver Downtown Eastside through the RICHER program.


Dr. Mumtaz Virji, Division Head

Dr. Victoria Atkinson
Dr. Nina Bansal
Dr. Nazmudin M.F. Bhanji
Dr. Cristina Bigg
Dr. Anibal Bohorquez
Dr. Kelly Chow
Dr. Melvin De Levie
Dr. Tammie Dewan
Dr. Amie Dmytryshyn
Dr. Jennifer Druker
Dr. Regan Ebbeson
Dr. Rob Everett
Dr. Pernille Faaborg-Andersen
Dr. Alexandra Faber
Dr. Anne Feng
Dr. Jane Finlay
Dr. Shawn George
Dr. Elizabeth Grant
Dr. Janet Greenman
Dr. Keyvan Hadad
Dr. Jane Hailey
Dr. Nita Jain
Dr. Anne Marie Jekyll
Dr. Nasir Jetha
Dr. Kristopher Kang
Dr. Paul Korn
Dr. Alison J. Laswick
Dr. Esther J. Lee
Dr. Vicki Leung
Dr. Howard Liang
Dr. Alisa B. Lipson
Dr. Dianna Louie
Dr. Heather M. Louie
Dr. Peter Louie
Dr. Amy Mabie
Dr. Tram Nguyen
Dr. Min S. Phang
Dr. Larraine Prisman
Dr. Rajiv Reebye
Dr. Mia Remington (Pradinuk)
Dr. Seemi Roopani
Dr. Harold B. Siden
Dr. David F. Smith
Dr. Jennifer Smitten
Dr. Lynn P. Straatman
Dr. Katrina L. Stockley
Dr. Erik Swartz
Dr. Clementine Tang
Dr. Paul Thiessen
Dr. Warda S. Toma
Dr. Jovan Vuksic
Dr. Collin Yong
Dr. Sharon Yong
Dr. Grace Yu