Congratulations CIHR Grant Recipients!

BC Children’s and BC Women’s investigators were awarded funding through the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) Project Grant Fall 2020 competition. Our research community received around $6 million in new research grants.

Some of the projects funded were:

Dr. Angela Devlin, Dr. Dina Panagiotopoulos and Dr. Pascal Bernatchez (UBC) – Healthy Starts and Childhood Diseases – Project: “Correcting early vascular dysfunction to improve cardiovascular outcomes in type 1 diabetes.” BCCHR Co-investigator: Dr. Brad Hoffman. $841,500 / 5 years.

Dr. Quynh Doan – Evidence to Innovation – Project: “Evaluating the psychometric properties and help-seeking impact of HEARTSMAP-U: a digital psychosocial self-assessment and navigational support application for post-secondary students.” BCCHR Co-investigator: Mr. Punit Virk (Supervisor: Dr. Doan). $554,624 / 4 years.

Dr. Jaime Guzman – Childhood Diseases – Project: “Treating Children with Arthritis According to their Individual Probability of Outcomes and Response to Treatments – The PERSON-JIA Trial.” BCCHR Co-investigators: Dr. David Cabral and Dr. Lori Tucker. $455,175 / 5 years.

Dr. James Lim – Childhood Diseases – Project: “Targeting CD47 in pediatric acute lymphoblastic leukemia.” BCCHR Co-investigators: Dr. Philipp Lange, Dr. Christopher Maxwell and Dr. Gregor Reid. $1,028,925 / 5 years.

BCCHR and WHRI investigators had a funding success rate of 27 per cent, compared to the national average of 15 per cent and the University of British Columbia’s (UBC) success rate of 14.7 per cent for full, bridge and operating grants. With the success of the fall 2020 competition, the RTDO team is already assisting with resubmissions for the spring 2021 competition. [MORE]