Happy retirement to Dr. Jeffrey Simons

On May 14, 2019, Dr. Jeffrey Simons career was recognized at the UBC Retirement Celebration at Academic Gowns Event.

Dr. Simons played an important role in increasing connections between UBC and BC Children’s Hospital (BCCH) that allowed him to build UBC pediatric infrastructure in the north and improve the care of the children in that region.

After 18 years as Head of the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario critical care team, Dr. Simons moved to Prince Rupert, BC to serve as: 1) Chief of Staff (2000-2003), 2) Consultant Pediatrician (2000-2014), and 3) Locum Consultant Pediatrician (2014-2015) at Prince Rupert Regional Hospital. He held concurrent roles with Northern Health, specifically the Northwest Health Services Delivery Area (NW HSDA) as; 1) Medical Director (2002-2005) and 2) Head, Department of Pediatrics (2006-2014). Dr. Simons was a Clinical Associate Professor with the University of British Columbia (UBC), Department of Pediatrics (2002-2018).

Happy retirement and thank you for your contributions Dr. Simons!