2016 Doctors of BC Awards

rothstein, ralphEvery year, Doctors of BC acknowledges the outstanding contributions of physicians around the province through a number of awards. Achievements are recognized in areas such as community contribution, improving the welfare of British Columbians, health promotion, and grassroots advocacy.

CMA Honourary Membership Award
Honorary membership is an honour bestowed on those who, at the age of 65, having been active members of the Association for at least 10 years, have been nominated by their provincial/territorial medical association and have had their nominations approved unanimously by the Board of Directors of the CMA. The nominees are held in high regard by their colleagues, they are humanitarians who have put into practice the aims and ideals of our profession.

Honorary Members:
• Dr Geoff Appleton
• Dr Jean Carruthers
• Dr John Fleetham
• Dr Kenneth Fung
• Dr Peter Konkal
• Dr William McDonald
• Dr Ralph Rothstein
• Dr Anthony Salvian
• Dr Evelyn Shukin
• Dr Beverly Spring
• Dr Paul Thiessen
• Dr Hugh Tildesley, posthumously
• Dr Kenneth Turnbull