Department of Pediatrics
UBC Faculty of Medicine
Rm 2D19, 4480 Oak Street
BC Children’s Hospital
Vancouver, BC  V6H 3V4

Telephone: 604-875-3177 / Events: 604-875-3455
Fax Number: 604-875-2890

BC Children’s Hospital and BC Women’s Hospital & Health Centre are located on Oak Street between 28th Avenue and 32nd Avenue.

The Oak Street site map will help you find the location of our hospitals and health centre buildings on the site.

Sunny Hill is located at 3644 Slocan Street in Vancouver.

Dr. Allison Eddy, Department Head
Christine Veloso, Senior Director, Physician and Academic Business Services

Associate Heads

Dr. Anne Junker, Associate Head, Faculty Affairs
Dr. Mary Bennett, Associate Head, Education
Dr. Ralph Rothstein, Associate Head, Clinical Affairs
Dr. Jean Paul Collet, Associate Head, Research


Senior Medical Directors

Dr. Nancy Lanphear, Child Development & Rehabilitation
Assistant: Mary Jane Hornaas
Dr. Peter Skippen, Acute & Critical Care
Dr. Ralph Rothstein, Pediatric Medicine
Assistant: Matthew Lee

Starlet Lum, Executive Assistant to Department Head (On Leave)
Kim de Gannes, Executive Assistant to Department Head (Interim)
Michelle Man, Assistant to Senior Director, Physician and Academic Business Services

Roze SidhuManager, Physician Recruitment & Compensation
Julie Solar, Administrative Assistant, Physician Support
Janis Becker, Administrative Assistant, Physician Support (on leave)
Jayne Scott, Administrative Assistant

Dr. Mary Bennett, Associate Head, Education
Dr. Janet Greenman, Co-Director, Pediatric Residency Training Program
Dr. Laura Sauvé, Co-Director, Pediatric Residency Training Program
Dr. Jennifer Balfour, Assistant Director, Pediatric Residency Training Program, Victoria Site
Dr. Ralph Rothstein, Fellowship Chair
Sylvia Wu, Manager, Education
Dylan King, Program Manager, Postgraduate and Undergraduate Medical Education
Helena Lee, Program Assistant, Fellowship Education Program
Kristina Dean, Program Assistant, Undergraduate Education Program (on leave)
Ariel Kwan, Program Assistant, Undergraduate Education Program (Interim)
Alan Heinrich, Program Assistant, Residency Program
Tess Meakin, Program Assistant, Evaluation & Assessment
Kristen Elder, Program Assistant, Residency Program, Victoria Site
Alix Drabek, Education Assistant (Interim)
Patrice Pringle, Education Assistant (Interim)
Casey Welch, Research Education Assistant

For Clinical Faculty Teaching Payment Queries Please Contact: Tess Meakin

For all CaRMS Applicant Queries and Visiting Resident Electives please contact:

David Harrison, Manager, Finance (Interim)
Lito Aurellado, Administrator, Finance
Sang-hyuk Kwon, Assistant, Finance

Harjit Gill
, Senior Manager, Human Resources
Jenny Lee, Assistant Manager, Human Resources
Kimi Tanaka, DARPT Coordinator & Assistant Manager, Human Resources
Anna Hanson, Assistant, Human Resources
Matthew Lee, Human Resources

John Jacob, Senior Director, Strategy and Innovation
Juan Tellez, Manager, Information Systems and Technology
Kevin Quach, Technical Analyst / Web Developer
Luke Thomas, Manager, Business Operations
Darwin To, Project Manager
Fahad Hasany, Junior Analyst

Dr. Curren Warf, Adolescent Health and Medicine
Dr. Edmond Chan, Allergy & Immunology
Dr. Sylvia Stockler, Biochemical Diseases
Dr. Shu Sanatani, Cardiology
Dr. Iain Johnstone, Critical Care
Dr. Julie Prendiville, Dermatology
Dr. Nancy Lanphear, Developmental Pediatrics
Dr. Garth Meckler, Emergency Medicine
Dr. Jean-Pierre Chanoine, Endocrinology
Dr. Kevan Jacobson, Gastroenterology
Dr. Jennifer Druker, General Pediatrics
Dr. Caron Strahlendorf, Hematology, Oncology & BMT
Dr. Tobi Kollman (Interim), Infectious Diseases
Dr. Horacio Osiovich, Neonatology
Dr. Douglas Matsell, Nephrology
Dr. Mary Connolly, Neurology
Dr. Michael Seear, Respiratory Medicine
Dr. David Cabral, Rheumatology
Dr. Bruce Carleton and Dr. Ran Goldman, Division of Translational Therapeutics